Interactive Chord whell

I simply haven’t found one that suites me well. So I made it my self .. 
Choose your key by mouse or type a key letter: .. a, c, g, ctrl+B (Bflat),…
What for is the opposite highlight.. if you wanna go trippy jazzy crazy throw some chords from there in.. anything you like.
Chord whell 2046

Rebirth – Petrof piano grand (17689)

We have been doing crazy things on this guy. I never wanted to tune it up or use it as a Piano.. But one day while I was tuning a tube into discrete pitches I was like ” What about the Piano?”

And it all started.
I dismantled it in to parts, cleaned it all.. it really deserved it!
Now, I’m repainting it all back and the next most important step is still ahead.. the action and sound tuning.. what a fun ;)


NIKOLA 2046 – Jedna Noha Chybí Tvému Letu

Asio a Nikola 2046 @náplavka, (A)VOID Floating Gallery


NIKOLA 2046: Potřebuješ mě ještě..

Fresh, dark inner hell.


Useful sound chart

I’ve been looking for some sound chart where I could find basic information about the sound frequencies, its length all related to the melodies and such. I know this cannot be covered in one picture but still. I made this – pdf:


Unibody wooden bike frame on wheels

Hey there,

I just want to emphasise one thing.
After years of sketching and month of work the bike is here!


Eat this


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