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Hello all interested in 3D virtual world. Another, this time Czech Blender conference is on the way. Under some circumstances this conference will be more of Game engine part of Blender, but fortunately not only. If you are interested more in animation stuff, consider these presentations as well, because you never know when you’ll have to animate something that could be done by the realtime simulation. For people who have just started there is also Basic lighting lecture which will be interesting even for Blender geeks and more and more, check the schedule.
The Czech Blender conference 2008 will happen on 7th October 2008 from noon to 7PM again on Academy of Fine Arts Prague.

Schedule is:

13:00 / Jan Mucska (o—-o): Game engine in the commercial field
14:00 / Peter Nespesny (Psychotron): Problematics of architecture visualisation
15:00 / Martin Schrimpel (G_Taurus): Basic lighting 2.46
16:00 / Jan Kudrnáč (XHN): Sculpt a normal map generarion
17:00 / Jan Kaláb (Pitel): Physical simulations
18:00 / Adam Preisler (Alfisko): Textures and modeling formost for games


WILLOne month took us to make a full 3D game. The game has to support Czech athletes in the upcoming Paralympics games in Beijing 2008. WILL was released thanks to the sponsorship donation from the general partner of the Czech Paralympics Team, RWE Company & MARK/BBDO.

The game has ..”four chapters. We live the game through eyes of the main hero, who accompanies all situations by his internal voice to identify with the topic the most. After an apparently amiable opening when we go swimming, the first level becomes more dramatized and we suffer an injury, with which we shall fight further on.

see and read more on my page http://o— or right on the project homepages or


bridge - pre alfa versionSeams like everybody goes crazy under the burning sun rays and all decided to make up something. One of those things is a game that has to support Czech paralympic team (swimming team in the case of our game).
I and consequently all who start to participate on this game things it’s a good idea to work on attempt with such a noble goal.

Because of our attitude the game is open and shared under the Creative Commons license. Even Better the game is based on Blender open source 3D platform, so you all have a chance to see the progress, download progress files, comment them all you want. You can even help us if you like and know how ;)

The story is still bit secret but what I may say is that the story is of man his attitude, power, determination and solid desire to win.

here is a link to it’s temporary domain http://www.paralympic.o—

artblack 2 is here

art blackLet me invite you to ARTBLACK art festival in Pardubice Czech republic. Festival runs from 14. September to 30. October 2006. Festival begins with Procession of decay attractor 14th September 5PM at Pernštýnské square.
I’ll have two pieces there. E_S project & my new project which has no name yet :)

another commercial Motion Trecking project ready

Motion Trecking / Brod / Rock Fro People 2006I made another Motion Tracking job for As you notice pmintl is tobacco company :[. It took me some time to decide if I’ll take this offer but I finally did….’Sucker’. From the beginning it was a road trip through the difficulties and problems. Damned I know why. It was a revenge for my fragility, because the work is made for smoking promotion and stands against my ideas. So I nailed a nail into my casket and I’ll burn up in hell. Damned money rules.

link to project page


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