WILLOne month took us to make a full 3D game. The game has to support Czech athletes in the upcoming Paralympics games in Beijing 2008. WILL was released thanks to the sponsorship donation from the general partner of the Czech Paralympics Team, RWE Company & MARK/BBDO.

The game has ..”four chapters. We live the game through eyes of the main hero, who accompanies all situations by his internal voice to identify with the topic the most. After an apparently amiable opening when we go swimming, the first level becomes more dramatized and we suffer an injury, with which we shall fight further on.

see and read more on my page http://o—-o.info/will/ or right on the project homepages http://powerofwill.cz or http://silavule.cz.


bridge - pre alfa versionSeams like everybody goes crazy under the burning sun rays and all decided to make up something. One of those things is a game that has to support Czech paralympic team (swimming team in the case of our game).
I and consequently all who start to participate on this game things it’s a good idea to work on attempt with such a noble goal.

Because of our attitude the game is open and shared under the Creative Commons license. Even Better the game is based on Blender open source 3D platform, so you all have a chance to see the progress, download progress files, comment them all you want. You can even help us if you like and know how ;)

The story is still bit secret but what I may say is that the story is of man his attitude, power, determination and solid desire to win.

here is a link to it’s temporary domain http://www.paralympic.o—-o.info/

Blender conference 2007 – PRAGUE

Blender conference 2007 - PRAGUEI like to welcome you on already third Czech Blender conference in Prague. The conference take place in the main building of Academy of Fine Arts Prague.(map to Academy)

Blender is the free open source 3D content creation suite for 3D modeling, Animation, video & sound editing & last but not least interactive game creation tool, available for all major operating systems.

Date: 14 April 2007 from 12/00AM till 21/00PM.


  • 12.00 – Car modeling / by bumpkin
  • 13.00 – Scene lighting / by Ragnos
  • 14.00 – Game engine / by Johny.D
  • 15.00 – Material Node editor / by postolka
  • 16.00 – Sequence, Node editor / by Slange
  • 17.00 – Informations from behind / by Jiri Hnidek
  • 19.00 – Open discussion

FREE Blender Game Engine class

freeLectures.gifTHESE FREE LECTURES are part of the BFight project whose goal is to support open sources and to help promote Blender engine and these kinds of free shift in the virtual world and finally to support creativity in game developement.

from 1pm to 3pm / Eight Saturday lectures from April 1, 2006
(San Francisco Art Institute) http://sfai.edu at DMS (Digital Imaging Studio)

Game Engines/Social Engines – POLYLOGUES II

29.March 17:30 GMT
(12:30 – New York, 18:30 – Prague)
Access grid session about game engines, their social and political aspects.
More info on http://BFight.org or


bfigt.gifI started work on BFight free two person fighting game developed in Blender that uses the Blender Game Engine licensed under the GNU GPL license. Because of this, the game will run on Linux, Windows, Mac OS X and other platforms.
Goal is to change the standard behavior slightly in order to alter the standard violence seemingly required by modern games.

BFight website

E_S project at entermultimediale

entermultimediale_e_s.jpgYou could see E_S project at entermultimediale form 09.05.05 till 12.05.05 more info here


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