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As you can see, my recent work is not as much about art as about webdesign. It has some practical background :)

This time I made a blog presentation for Czech Dental Chamber. In order to step out of the regular method how to inform people about the topic, they decided go forward.

For that matter we made a blog, where doctors them selves will flexibly inform about the common dental problems and also about the most recent findings. made by 2046 – redesigned

Facebook already knows..The has new face lift. Made (redesigned) by – online

I’m proud to announce our new portal for all people who want to promote their Art work, the
As the Artycok.TV gets it popularity we were ask many times if there isn’t a way how people could promote their upcoming work on Artycok.TV.
So we went through a through this problem and decided to make an open space that will be tightly connected with the content on Artycok.TV. So that user watching a video records from the venue can see on a side invitations on current and upcoming exhibitions from the same place and also the other way, those who are checking the upcoming events can see a records from that space so they might get the feling what is the space about and so on and so forth… enjoy. – online

This was grate collaboration. She came and have an exact idea how it supposed to look like, which speed up the whole process a lot. If you look at the website nowadays, there are only few projects published. But don’t wary, she has plenty as draft and if you check her website bit later I’m sure you’ll be surprised how many works she has.

Simple informative presentation. – online

The task was to upgrade a website keeping it’s design. The problem was that it was written by hand and the code was super extra dirty. The trick lays in WordPress.
What I have done is that I have made the site from scratch on WordPress. Which was grate Idea, because none of the old “structure” stays as it had been.
The site is still not 100% complete the content will change a lot (I suppose) and it “needs” some face lift still.
The new version is more then 1000% better in terms of code and user experience and what is the most important thing, it’s flexible. – redesign

kokoland.orgHello my. has been cleaned, simplified & redesigned.

I kinda forgot to check if the design I made for is done already. Guess what :)
Yep, it serves well for couple weeks already :). It is not 100% complete but looks promising > is ready to sell you some puppets

Bunch of the Czech puppet makers were tired of the high prices for what they were sold, so they let me make a simple e-shop for them. Just a simple thing done for it’s purpose nothing more. Enjoy

Saloun a classical building with pure website

Here is another web I made. This one is “super simple” and I’ like it a lot;)


Utesla new website

Hello to everyone who went through the AC restriction. This not super hot news but it’s a news at least.
Utesla is another growing project to whom I made a web.


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