Unibody wooden bike frame on wheels

Hey there,

I just want to emphasise one thing.
After years of sketching and month of work the bike is here!



Hardline by 2046 on Mixcloud

Piano dismantling

Piano is such a cool thing to have. Especially if you can tune it up your self. It is like if it grows with my skills which is exactly I like things to be. I’m heaving a ANT. Petrof I bought for almost no money and did a lot of crazy stuff with it.. now I decided that it would be fun to clean it up and tune it up. Which is not that hard as it might seams like, though you have to have big patience to re-do it again and again until one day.. it stays tuned.. for some time ;). I also tuned up the hammer action, which is fairly complex thing. Luckily my mechanics is a simplified version of what is used today and so it was easy to figure out how it works.

There is still a lot to learn, which is grate.


Doomed view

Doomed view (live rec.)

Grand P

Grand P by 2046 on Mixcloud

Devils D

Devils D by 2046 on Mixcloud

Blow my mind

A visual memory from the theremin workshop


more on: http://theremin.komuso.cz/

Vox 40++

Dirty VOX

The VOX 40+ is grate plus, the only problem is that the knobs where on the bad place. If you want to hear the music, especially high tones and be able to tune up the sound at the same time, that was not easy. You either hear the sound and cannot reach the knobs, or you reach the knobs but can’t hear the sound as you might like ;(
The only way is to separate the amplifier from the box, which I did ;)

I kinda made a shelf for the amplifier. So I can have it within the box as usual, and also can take it out if I need so :)

Warning! The output cables should not touch the metal sheet of the electronics! You have to use the plastic “Jack” output and not the cheaper version with the exposed ground.
If the output touches the frame (ground) you’ll burn up the Amplifier! Which I did btw ;} It took more then month till they fix it for me.


Gate switch for Theremin Etherwave Plus

The tuning never ends ;)

If you remember one of my last posts about the Patch box the gate switch won’t surprise you.
The Etherwaves gate sends a signal which triggers the Little Phatty MIDI note ON. This is really important if you wanna play a bass like sounds with a punch on the beginning. The gate is similar to the sustain on Piano. While the strings has hammers on, it plays punchy tones, while off the strings can keep vibrating.
But what if you want to play tones with smooth start as on Classical Theremin..?

Well, normally you have to “rip off” the cable from Theremin while letting the cable still present in the Little Phatty (LP). The cable has to stay in the LP as a note opener. ..note: if you put the cable in the gate it will open a note for you, Without a note you wont be able to play a single note!

Ripping OFF and ON the cable while playing is not really god thing to do. First, you cannot do it any time you want to, because you need them in the air obviously. Second, third and may other reasons are obvious :)

So you need a On & OFF switch on the cable.. Ideally laying somewhere on the ground that you can just step on and switch between states.

If you want to know how to tune up your Theremin or you know much better trick that you want to share with other Theremin lovers .. join our Theremin workshop on the end of this August. The workshop will be more “serious” than making a new Theremin enhancements. The workshop is held by Pamelia Kurstin, from my point of view the best Thereminis ever. You can find more info about the workshop here :: http://theremin.komuso.cz
And finally..some pictures

gate-switch-openedtheremin-gate-switch gate-switch




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