Information as a next state of evolution

I believe human is one of the most evolved species on this planet.
Human being went through long time evolution that let us be the most powerful creature on the earth. Our body reached the highest level on the curve of the current evolution. There are also zillions other creatures that started to shape at about the same time and evolved in various kinds of complex beings but none of them has such a mental capability as we possess. All these creatures (including us) were designed in order to survive on this planet as long as it will be sustainable.
Not only the creatures evolved but the whole nature on the planet evolves. It evolves in the super complex system that learned how to utilize the local sources which are powered by the sun light. If all the fauna and flora stay in harmony we will all live here together until the sun burns down.

This  system reached the present state after about 4.54 billion years when the earth had started to form. Not speaking of the universe evolution, which inevitably plays a key role in this process. The sun formed 4.57 billion years ago and “will stay with us” another 5 billion years as scientists declare.
Seams like we stay in the middle of some evolutionary cycle. The live reached the level that it can survive height temperature differences such as it were during the ice age or high temperatures as are present now. We will all agree that temperature and light is essence of live. If the temperature goes down or up outside of the living standards nothing on this planet will survive or at least animals won’t.

Here we are, a beings who advanced outside of the common evolutionary process and thanks to it’s unique brain developed something unseen by now. We found out an Information. An Information that holds our memory and can even progress and develop in countless ways. Something that exists by it selves, that can boundlessly stretches or multiply. Another dimension.
This dimension is not unique to universe. It is a natural part of it. We just realized it exists. Moreover we found similarities between our inner; mostly mental processes and the Information. We put our memory in to the mass of many kinds event into an atom and we won’t stop there. I consider this condition as natural process of evolution.

The life as we know now can exist only thanks to super unique circumstances and it won’t stay forever. If any being or identity can outlive this unique situation, it has to leave it’s cocoon and transform into another kind. ..and won’t be donkey. A kind that is less unique and can live as long as the universe will exists. A kind that is part of the common universe matter.
This cannot be in any temporary form. A mass is not stable enough, it deteriorates too fast. What can exists and be transformed in any form is the Information. It can be “written” in the a piece of stone, into a DNA, into an atom or string of light or exists just like that as any other dimension exists without any supportive medium.
I won’t mention here all the East or European theories of a Superbeing who is all and nothing, and we are all part of it. Although if any of that is true then the Superbeing is the Information.

Despite all the mentioned reasons of natural evolution there is one more thing to be aware of. Natural parts of the evolution are also full of failures after failures. And I believe that we are actually one of those failures. Before we even penetrate the very first layer of our body cocoon, we destroy the ambient we need for the actual body functions. There won’t be any metamorphosis because we will have no state from which to transform.

I carried this thought about 7 years in my head and finally it has “materialized”.
Thanks for reading.

Your friends just like this banana

It won’t be more than one year and the first Facebook like shelf will be placed in the San Francisco Trady Joe’s. Anybody with his/her Facebook ID card enhanced by passive RFID chip will be able to “like” a banana to leave a mark for his/her friends so they will know where to buy tasty bananas and let the store be better advertised on the web3-Interweb (Facebook).
Who will pay for it? ..Stores.
They are eager to be on and IN.
If the Google is running out of ideas now, trying to keep pace with its counterpart, using the Facebook ideas for their ranking system, the shops will just happily follow.
Why should you chat with your friends about such a common thing as food quality, when you can directly see if people consider the food tasty right in the shelf.
There was a time when people where upset to pick up the phone.
There was a time when you looked angry at the weirdo with a box close to his head, speaking in the bus, sharing his family problems with all the passengers.
There was a time when we awarded open cards, passports and bankcards with Big Brother Awards.
There was a time when we tried not signing in Gmail
and in a split second we signed to Facebook.
There was a time we used to care about privacy.

“I just Like this banana.”

It’s close

One eye looking in to the sun
the other on the clouds
whilst nose is pointed to the storm.
The glass shattered all over the room for no reason
and the water no longer runs through the sieve.
It’s like if 2012 is at hand.

The solution

Sitting on the ground?
Heaving blind look?
Don’t know what to do?
Having no ideas where is your life going,
and where to turn your future?
Bored to death?

Consider suicide.

Funny game

The game is funny once understood.


Fucking fly flew in to my eye
I stopped for a while and rest.

Car housing

Cars are getting on size day by day.
their advantage is not that they are smart,
that they can talk to you,
but their natural character that they can move.

With those things all together and the simple fact that our planet
will be overheated pretty soon, we will be “forced” to live closed
in our car houses living within wireless communication.
They will shift us slowly from place to place depending on what side the earth
will be cool enough and have a friendly weather to keep our oncoming expenses low.

Is that the answer?

Maybe it’s good to work on other projects along our own.
If you do so, then for some reason you’ll see things and do things
you are not willing to do on your own project, but are not less important.

Then it depends if you not only see these reflexions
but if you are able to apply them back.

I think I see them, but I’m willing to do nothing about it, for now.

I mean it’s easy to point on colleagues spot on shirt and let him clean it
then clean your own.

Necessary Implosion

The inner my self experiences such implosion
That is near to absolute void.
This state is getting near to the “first’ universal emptiness.

I’m afraid if something happen we will have here a personal Big boom.

Although if a single solid atom of something will persists in there,
you do not have to wary.

Once upon a time

Swoong said the water to the stone
and nobody has seen it since.


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