Useful sound chart

I’ve been looking for some sound chart where I could find basic information about the sound frequencies, its length all related to the melodies and such. I know this cannot be covered in one picture but still. I made this – pdf:


Webdesign works – Easy plugin for WordPress showcase

Hello my friends.

I know I’m silly but I like to create things that makes sense and I like when it works as expected.
Here is a small showcase of my lovely WordPress plugin Easy.


Installing apps under 18 forbidden!

Does it sound stupid?

What about this familiar story.
..hey a bought new computer but I don’t know where to get all the office programs and even worst, If I have then I do not know how to install them… Don’t vary just give it to your kiddy it know everything about computers…
And so it happened.

The kid took what ever software it knows for that matter – say it was all legal material, and went through countless installations of this or that program for what ever daily use.

The kiddo agreed with all the necessary agreements and went on…

But, can an underage really agree with such a terms legally?
Isn’t it like that parents are responsible for their adults?
Nobody of us without the skilled layer is able to fully understand all that rights and wrongs. How the teenage can?
Can we just throw all the responsibility on the shoulders of the child, because it knows where to click during the installation process?
Isn’t our responsibility keep our children out of such a struggles?
Isn’t our responsibility not to let them undergo unnecessary risks?
They are not mature for these decisions, as like they are not mature enough for alcohol and cigarettes, or are they?

And so I say.
Installing apps under 18 forbidden!

Keep your spine straight to these matters. Don’t make hypocritical exceptions. The rules are rules! We made them.

World Weather – WWO

Small patch turned into a completely new plugin. The weather forecast is based on API (JSON). The plugin is much more light then its ancestor. It has more features and most importantly it works!


Because we felt like there is no such a thing in Slovak, we made a cultural calendar focused on the Slovak scene. is a open cultural portal done for anyone who would like to know or share the Slovak culture.

It is free, it’s open and it is here for all of us.

2046’s loop widget (v. 0.251)

An update of the 2046’s loop widget is up in the WordPress repository.
Though the new version includes only admin helpers it is still worth to be updated.

The are two new features.. the extra widget name field, it saves you lot of time figuring out what widget is The widget you are looking for.. and the widget description field helps you in further on, when you try to remember what the hell you have done there.


This is good to be shared.
Crunchbang is a nice “little” definitely light linux distro that might be the right choice for anyone who needs a system for small laptops. .. Though you can you install it on your workstation as well…. but this time the important message of this post is that it runs super smooth on my “old”Asus eee T91. The installation just went fine, no problem what so ever. It installed everything including the Apache server (you can skip this installation if you like), it automatically set up the touch screen, sound, wifi everything. The whole system eats just about 5%CPU, a absolute minimum of RAM like 60MB or even less.

Anyway, what is important is that thanks to this Linux my unused old eee is live again, and ready for my upcoming long travel. Cheep light computer with about 6 hours of battery life, no antivirus necessary (indeed) all the apps free as well… this guy can even run on AAA batteries :) if you are brave enough. btw. if you have piece of hacker in you and sit somewhere surrounded by closed wifi spots the Atheros wifi card is the key. :)

Artycok.TV – a small make up

Artycok.TV went through small make up. The Index redesign is a result of the internal changes. Artycok will now focus more on chosen topics and not that much on the daily reports, though they will be a inevitable part of the content still. The portal also has a small mini change that assures users that they are on the video portal and not on a blog or who knows what. :)

2046’s loop widget

I use the WordPress a lot. I do lot of coding, but this time I though what if I help my self with a little widget that will do the job for me. So I wrote the 2046’s loop widget. This widget covers the most used loops I build on all the sites I made. All the boring work I write always and again is turned in to a clickable interface. The widget went through couple weeks of development and couple website are based on it already :) I think the widget in it’s current state can be considered as stable and powerful enough to help you all to build your own website with ease and unexpected flexibility.

You can download it right from the WordPress repository or read more info on it’s page.

If you need some step by step intro, check this out:


The best plugin that ever happend to Wordpess

Did you ever thought of the WordPress as of the CMS system. I doubt you didn’t. But when you start to actually use it as CMS then you realized you need this plugin, for custom fields, that plugin for custom types. Some of them support this some of them that but not many can export the settings so you can easily use them on other clients sites. You might even dreamed of the “many to many” relation ship among post, pages and all your custom post types.

CCTM is the best CMS WordPress plugin I have found through my practice. It is a complex solution that really covers all the basic needs you have for CMS system.


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