2046 BC



Bloody kettle

Interactive Chord whell

I simply haven’t found one that suites me well. So I made it my self ..  http://2046.cz/chord-whell 
Choose your key by mouse or type a key letter: .. a, c, g, ctrl+B (Bflat),…
What for is the opposite highlight.. if you wanna go trippy jazzy crazy throw some chords from there in.. anything you like.
Chord whell 2046

Rebirth – Petrof piano grand (17689)

We have been doing crazy things on this guy. I never wanted to tune it up or use it as a Piano.. But one day while I was tuning a tube into discrete pitches I was like ” What about the Piano?”

And it all started.
I dismantled it in to parts, cleaned it all.. it really deserved it! Bit by bit it is starting to be a Piano again ;)


NIKOLA 2046 – Jedna Noha Chybí Tvému Letu

Asio a Nikola 2046 @náplavka, (A)VOID Floating Gallery


NIKOLA 2046: Potřebuješ mě ještě..

Fresh, dark inner hell.


Eat this


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