Some people are musicians, some are sound diggers… I think I’m actually a digger.

Last time I have tried the Theremin together with Slim Phatty. This is actually work for the whole rest of my life and beyond. Before this test ends I would like to do little bit more digging :) and so I have decided to enhance the Theremin spectrum a bit.
I’ve read some time ago that the Theremin can be enhanced by some module, but did not have really time for it, or I don’t know why, but I was just satisfied whith what I had.
Yea, you know the time is changing and the Youtube is tempting. Thomas Grillo made a nice video so I could not resist. Moreover, all the people on said it is worthy, there was no other way than try it too.

The beast has a name ESP01. You can buy it here. A nice videa manual is again on Youtube. What is not actually there is how to implement it on Etherwave PLUS.



DIY patch box for Theremin and Slim Phatty

Welcome sound geek,
So you wanna know what is this all about….? It’s is simple.
It’s about making dreams comes true. I always wanted a something that lets me make a boundless sounds. Something that lets me create a sound I want to build. So first I bought Theremin years ago.. a super grate one voice instrument. A grate basement for any kind of sound tweaking. The simpler the inputs the more understanding is the process.
Well the source is not enough. I needed a sound builder, a tone bender, creator total sound controller. And then I found Slim Phatty. An ultimate synthesizer. This synth is controllable via CV inputs those inputs a I have on my Theremin soo awesome!

Then I found out.. I need a patch box! A external easy reachable ligh-weight input output divider.. and I made this

What it does?
Well it works as a simple switch. It lets me re-patch (connect) CV Theremin output form Pitch to SP-filter or to SP-Pitch or to SP-volume if I like.. or gate.. what ever. I can use all the Theremin outputs and control the Slim Phatty the way I want.

The result can be something like this..

Doesn’t sound interesting to you? Well it is just a first test. Wait a while and you won’t believe what a we can synthesize.


Wednesday, June 27, 2012
Truhlárna, Rokycanova 33, Prague
info link 


Julie Klimentová
Tereza Lenerová Hradílková
Zdenka Brungot Sviteková

Jana Kneschke
Michal Zbořil


ArthuurTuesday 26th June

Arthuur spend the days in Divus gallery in Prague.
– 2pm till 6pm creating the whole exhibition especially for Divus gallery
8pm dance-music-visual concert
– 9.30pm concert of bands Chodská junta and Kyklos Galaktikos.


graphic designers: Deimion van der Sloot & Hidde Meulenbeek
dance: Kateřina Dietzová & Manuela Tessi
music: George Cremaschi, Petr Vrba, 2046, Michal Zbořil

Arthuur is a dance-music-visual meeting in improvisation, where the instant happening on the stage materializes on three levels – by sound, movement and drawn line.
Facebook event

Setkame se v Truhlárně #1

If you like borderless dance and same type of music our next Dance-audio improvisation might be of interest for ya.
Couple dancers (Tereza Lenerová Hradílková, Martina Hajdyla Lacová, Zdenka Brungot Sviteková) will improvise on our (George Cremaschi, 2046, Matthew Ostrowski) audio waves, highlighted by Tomáš Morávek.

5.5.2012 Rokycanova 33, Prague ..about 8PM.

Parallels app. updated

Hello all of you who are interested in these DIY home made motion tracking, audio things. Here is a screenshot of the actual rewritten MTA (Motion Tracking Audio) app.
What it does, it Tracks either white or red so called “blobs” (color spots), It has some sliders which helps you (me) to setup the camera MT settings and also we can choose from volume shapes, select sound patterns and choose if we like to track 1 or 2 blobs, or 2 blobs but in this case instead playing 2 sounds at once it actually plays “one’ but it changes the tone, or the sample from the chosen bank, depends on the blobs distance :)

Well if it all sound virtual to you, well it is virtual, unless you have it on your comp and can play with it :)

Btw. it is written in the Python, and OpenCV, right I almost forgot the PyGame and bunch of other libraries.

Parallels 01

This is going to be a huge shit in my life. After a year of pole dance study and hours of programming the Parallels is here.

What is parallels?

Think of the pole dance (example here) and a motion tracking application (see screenshot)… then add a bit of Theremin like play. You got it? No? Then show up in Gallery Skolska 28 this year on 15th December and you’ll see and hear something you never expected to happen.


“The title has nothing to do with my last sleepless night.”

Yael Behnorin addressed me to make a music for her animation “Insomnia”.
The base of the animation is a result of the eye motion tracking of many people walking through the same space with different points of interests. The view was recorded on recorder. The final view spots corresponds with focus of the current person, all views are mixed up into to a single picture.

Full info here.


My friend Markéta Cilečková made a Surround installation within she let us (and others) perform our gigs.
This time will ne I have a special setup. 2046 will dance and produce sound dancing sort of Pole Dance a nd Erik will care of the sound base and all the rest.

14/06/2011, 20:00,, Štefánikova 95/24, (Brno)

#4 – #5

Next ne I concert will happen in:

Underground space (Křižíkova 45, Prague – Karlín)

fifth dance-musical improvisation where we all meet. Musicians, Dancers & you.
Main actors:
Milli Janatková
George Cremaschi
Jan 2046
Erik Sikora
Zuzana Sýkorová
Tereza Lenerová
Veronika Kaciánová
Kateřina Dietzová
Kuba Doležal
Martin Kopřiva
Jan Jirucha
Vlado Mikláš
René Vitvar


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