#2 #3 – musicians versus dancers

Nights of dance-musical improvisations (Monday, March 21 at 8:00pm – March 22 at 8:00pm) in Prague club Underground Křižíkova 45.


Milli Janatková
George Cremaschi
Erik Sikora
Zuzana Sýkorová
Tereza Lenerová
Eva Šusová
Kateřina Dietzová
Kuba Doležal
Martin Kopřiva
Jan Jirucha
Vlado Mikláš
Tomáš Morávek


Played during a celebration of the new upcoming year of rabbit.

ne I in Krumlov II

I could be less then year since we played in Krumlov the first time. This time we have a nice flayer and couple grate bands “with us”.

Will play along with HUGO und ZOE and the famous Japanese Goro white dog, how awesome!

13. October from 17:00, Egon Schiele Art Centrum. Why so early? There will be “also” an exhibition of people from FAVU.

ne I – big moment. The key collection SOFT & TENDER is out!

What a pleasure to have a chance to introduce you our latest and greatest audio and video selection.

For more then a year we have done many recordings both audio and video which we collect mainly on ne I primary page and it’s vimeo page.
We know that it is for common listener almost unbearable listen or watch all together, and so we have decided to make a selection of the most significant recording of all and release it in a compact form.

We gave it a name SOFT & TENDER this significant name and the package gives you grate outline who we are and what we want to do to you as a listener.

You might ask for a simple explanation. Here you are.
ne I want’s to achieve the utmost peculiarity in all it does. We love to brake all presumptions anybody can have. The AKA childish attitude is a key point in our work and so the result is utterly odd.”

And finally, you can listen bit by bit or download the whole album from ne I page or from last.fm all for free naturally.
Or, you can buy it right from ne-i.org.

Chemical intrusion 60&90 in the style of post late 20’s where the gold peek will be…..2046

chemicko-technologické Univerzita PardubiceThis is a grate news. In behalf of the celebration of 60 or 90 year long tradition of Pardubice chemical poisonous trainings they invite me. Me who despise all the chemicals(that’s exactly the reason why I sit all they long in front of the computer, anyway..) so they invite me to play there.

They really have no idea to what they will be facing to :D

Keep up smiling on Chemo-Techno faculty Pardubice at 18:30(14.10.2010) in C2(auditorium) as like we have not enough of CO2.
I’ll be there!

ne I – The beauty of findings

ne I - The beauty of findingsne I has a new sub-album “The beauty of findings”.
This album comes up bit sooner then it has to. It supposed to be up after the pivotal album “Soft & Tender” which is actually still on the way.

There are many things going on around the ne I. 30th of September ne I plays in the Prague Psycho hospital, soon there’ll be show in the Prague National Technical Library, and bit later(or sooner) also a concert in Krumlov, on the south of Czech rep.

Hope you enjoy our new album and will download the next one too. The album is free for download on the ne I page (link).

photos from 3řísk0luπ festival

Here are some photos form Triskolupy “festival” or meeting how ever you wanna call it. This time it was .. guess what .. again highly improvised.
I think Theremin wouldn’t believe it is possible to play on his instrument in such metal cache. But I re-tuned it  .. what ever :). Here are few photos token by Kateřina Držková who invites me there and kindly cares of me all the event, thanks a lot and many thanks to Michi and all inhabitants of that cozy place.

Nice to meet you, ANT. Petrof.

[vimeo width=”600″ height=”450″]http://vimeo.com/12978779[/vimeo]
music by: ne I, video by: ne I, link to all ne I videos

3řísk0luπ – ne I (2046)

Next concert of ne I or actually part of the group(2046) will be seen on 3řísk0luπ a countryside not far from Prague.

Check out the schedule, there is more to see….

9-12. July

Dizzi Errol – http://dizzyerrol.com
Martine-Nicole Rojina – http://www.myspace.com/martinerojina
Rocky Racoons
Tonutai – http://www.myspace.com/tonutai
Floex – http://floex.cz/
ne I – http://weebit.info/ne-i

(Příroda, Bubnování, Pití, Hudba, Free Internet, Muzika, Film)
{Nature, Drums, Drink, Music, Free Internet, Film}

Pi a no

Here I’m totally senseless after the last decade of many things.
But one thing hopefully put me up, once I’ll cover all the expenses, indeed.

I wanted to have a old detuned piano, in order to find different ways of tuning, The tuning of the only one piano piece(detuned ofcourse), or the better something that was or look like a piano. You know all the strings and vibrations ;)

So I got one, but … it’s totally messy, so I have decided to decompose it, clean it, aft build up a new instrument, no matter what ever it will be on the end. I have couple ideas already what to put there, like non-centred driller controlled by Theremin and other enhancements.

I’ll definitely keep you informed, and add more photos….for now, no photos, nothing I just let your imagination work.


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