ne I videos are ready to be surfed

I think the only thing I schould mention here is a link to ne I homesite for those who don’t know what is it about, and for the rest simply the link to the video presentation.

ne I – Hallelujah anyway, club “u Kníra”

Next concert is in small, but cozy pub “u Kníra” (schedule) located under the ground of Holesovice in Prague.
This time we will experiment with human & Theremin voices. I’ll be the one who’ll play more with the Theremin waves, and Erik with the voice waves, glitches, pitches, scratches, and chocking. But, who knows. All will be determined on Sunday, and the final sound not until Wednesday night .. looking at the schedule, our gig starts about 9PM{26.May} so the sound will be done then and there and never repeated again.!

(pub u Knira is here, I mean it’s virtual representation is located o gmap > here)…btw thanks to Radim Radim

ne I – photos from Krumlov gig

Hmm I know images are not enough, but the record I did was kinda.. I don’t know, this gig has no audio record simply, I know it’s pity, what can I do now. ;( …hmm I know now… That was a sign. Because If I made the record it will lack something really important! This time we played together with Cil. If I made the record she won’t be in and that won’t be fair. (Unfortunately she is not visible on the photos either).
So here are the ego-photos at least.

ne I goes south

I love how the life goes fast, so we have no time to think of anything but just flow on the top of the wave and enjoy the sunny tide.
Friends are the best way how to spend our short time here, so this time ne I was invited to EGON SCHIELE ART CENTRUM in ČESKÝ KRUMLOV where we will join the art session and play with our friends.

If you stay there, come to join us. Tomorrow Thursday 29th in Egon.. Art Center.

“ne I” in club Final


The next concert ne I will play with God knows whom is on 24.March in club Final in Prague. We work hard on the new improvised :) stuff, though we still do not know what will play, U know it’s IMPROVISED :]
That day you can see not only ne I, but the Opening of an exhibition made but Lukas Valka and Michal Pustejovsky and Google knows who else.

ego push up

Hotel Insomnia - CT2OK, lets boost my self up a bit. Here is a record from CT2 (A Czech TV) where we played with ne I and I spoke of the Creative Commons licences. I think you wont miss it. One you see a man who has headphones in his nose there we start.

link (16. 1. 2010)

eee – Linux based “guitar”-Theremin effector

eee-t91-ubuntustudio-effect Here is my new say “project”.  Looking for “cheap” multi-effect for my Theremin experiments I figure it out that what I do not like on computer based effect is the mouse interface. I thought it over and over and then found the small toy eee T91, a small PC with 1.33GHz processor and Touchscreen ;).

Although it’s hard to find it in a store I found one from second hand and went to install certain flavours of Linux. I have tried Ubuntu studio, then Debian, 64studio and then again Ubuntu studio I use still today (I thinking of Puppy, but I’m pretty much satisfied already).

Why I use Linux? First I like it and second with the Jack audio server I can have tiny mini delay even on this “slow”device and all the programs for free as well. Plus I can change the interface for my needs since it runs on Gnome and it’s easy to reconfigure. So it has for example such a huge sliders as you can see on the photo, without need to change a what ever program I choose… which uses the common GUI, indeed. What you can see here is a Jack audio server in the background with Jack Rack as the effector on top. It doesn’t eats the CPU that much as all others and has nice simple interface with countless effects. With such settings I have about 8.71 msec delay, I think it’s more then OK, when you thing of the way how Theremin works and what you can do with it, I think even for guitar is more then fine.

What is still in development are graphic drivers, I haven’t have time to look at and solve the way I like and frankly the built in sound card is not one of the best so there is still some noise. I think it has something to do with the Linux though, because when I switch to Windows it’s not “that” noisy. I have tried even my Zoom H4 as I sound card and the noise stays there so it seams to me the problem is kernel or something..indeed real-time in this case. And I’m not sure if I’ll go for on screen keyboard. I don’t think I really need it.

If you want to get rid of the potential hum, I never experienced with this eee you can always unplug it from DC and run it for next sweet 5 hours on battery ;]

If someone of you have any idea how to fix the noise, I’m one ear. An those who think of similar “project” the only thing I can recommend is think of a computer with better sound card. The rest is in this cute puppy more then OK…Right the screen response could be faster but I’m not going to draw on it.

ne I – on AVU Prague

Welcome in the middle of who nowhere. Central Europe, Prague, Today, AVU at 7PM until the night dies and birds starts to sing.
ne I
is here again!


Pamelia Kurstin – Wien – 071209

pamelia-kurstin-wienWhen you see her, this freaky girl looking spitfire, you won’t believe her age and less you’ll believe what she is able to do. When she comes in front of Theremin the whole world changes. All the music is like it unwinds out of the finger tips full filling the space with the wave substance, only the tip of foot is changing the color and adds more instruments on top of already ever present waveform.
How can you describe magic? The only way is to have the direct experience, even this bit of record from the performance wont help you to understand.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

(this is a raw recording in full sound spectrum, so as usual, without at least good sound setup, you cannot expect much)

advent recordings

obal_advent_maleThis has to be published.
I’m happy to listen what we have done on 29th November on one of our scheduled live shows.
It has pretty deep sound, don’t play it unless you are are in good mood or want go deeper in your depression.

Here is a bit, the rest is here.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.


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