Fast forward through TMP

img_0639This is just a short brief from TMP party that ends up this morning. I think I do not write much about it here, you’ll find all in the mp3 bellow. (More info on

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TMP party – 2009

TMP - partyThis is probably the first official announcement  (…that’s not true man ) of the new TMP party in the year of grace 2009.
19.11.2009 on Academy of Fine Art Prague.

Who? Who knows, but one thing is clear, our new formed band ne I will be there and here is a sound flayer.

Give it loop and play it loud (bass speakers necessary!).

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sounds recorded from the bike frame, composition done on iPhone (BEATMAKER)

Stimulate your self

2046-stimul-festival-head-in-my-body-0579I know this is not about my own work, but who cares :)

Here are bunch of picture a made within the time I was shaking my body on STIMUL festival this Saturday..wait today is Saturday, then it has had to be Friday, OK it was this Friday. When I have checked all the myspaces of all the bands then the last little star become my big star. I think all of them was shiny planets. The band or two performers “Head in body feat. My sister is pregnant” where awesome. At one time she hit the bass guitar like bass guitar player won’t ever do and the sound was completely tuned wit my brain. the second band Vladislav Delay Quartetd .. is nice but too smooth and clean to me..not all part indeed but. PAN SONIC grate, I was bit disappointed they do not create the music out of analog toys, but that will by too childish to think of it this way, I’m childish …bla bla bla I know here are the pictures….click on more :>


Důl Kübeck

kubeck-pozvankaYet another concert. I know it going to be silly to have that many concerts in my case. What can I do? Just obey the destiny.

So then, all the screams will happen on 26th September, yes this Saturday in “Důl Kübeck” somewhere in the deep mining pit of Kladno city. Here is the map.

Bike glitches

bike_glitches_smallAlthough I have posted the invitation for Ciklojizda event here already I’m back, this time with my own invitation flayer ;)

So again the event runs on 20th September, “náměstí Míru” and “I. P. Pavlova”, Prague, from Noon to 8PM

update: here is a pict from the action




I totally forget to mention… The shivers radio moved to it new and more cozy destination.

concert on the roof – Benzinka

Because the text in the picture is still unreadable by search engines, here is the list of artists who will perform on the Benzinka roof on 27th June 200009.

Oliver Šanti, Skrepl, Rafani, Magid, Muženy, Guma Guar, Indie Twins, Puškin, Panenské ostrovy, Jiřička (projection),  Gerda Rein-Antena, Kopáček, Erixikora-2046-Eve, Clean Dirt….and many many other dirt and dust as well.

More info on

Theremin rules!

ADD soundsystem: The Summer Tour 2009 / documentary installation screening

olohuone092046 on ADD again. This time my role is to program or more acurately finish the whole visual part for the Milan Gustar’s Abacus. Minimalistic thinking people are more then welcome and not minimalistic thinking people will be gently christen into micro-tonal music.

program a Sunday/neděle, 24 / 05 / 2009 from/od 15h
Sunday chillout

D.I.V.O. institute, Na petrine 232. Kolin, Czech Republic

friday/pátek, 29 / 05 / 2009 from/od 18h
Něco v krabičkách,
Standa Abrahám, Michal Cab, Georgij Bagdasarov

saturda/sobota, 30 / 05 / 2009 from/od 15h
bryndzové halušky / cooking workshop
Milan Guštar & 2046 / Abakus
Lukáš Kuta / solo violin
Michal Mariánek

sunday/neděle, 31 / 05 / 2009 from/od 15h
Marek Eisler / Sonic Gardens
sunday chillout, the end


thereminEver since I wanted to make some music, I wanted to find something I can play on with the expression of my body. Seams I found The Instrument. Theremin. Even though you know how it looks like and you look at the picture you probably won’t recognize It. It’s the huuuge thing infront. It’s home made thing, done by who else in this part of the earth then Milan Gustar :). It sounds bit silly but for me it’s more then I actually need. I need to practise and practise and practise and… since then check this awsome girl…I mean listen to what she is doing ;) link.

Secret Chiefs 3

speakerIf you like irrational music as I do, you’ll love them, they are f… crazyyyy, their music almost broke my speakers, awesome, I just love them.
Hope they will come Europe as well… if you know when, please let me know.


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