This is just a short overview, and I won’t give you full explanation of the project, right now.

    Considering possible space for self expression as a artist or simply as a human being who want to express his visions I have decided create a mass media platform, more accurate reshape an existing platform for my/our needs. I use commercial platform with it’s grate impact on wide population. Create mass platform where we can express our needs and feelings, in other words grasp same superpower as our opponents have, not to stay in the mean academic gallery spaces when the life is outside.

    “Ihere is no way back. If we step back there will be myriads people who will step further and we will loose the chance.”

    We have to be aware of the presence, no matter if we like it or not. The only way is follow what is done, bad or good and reshape it to our needs.

    starts in the fall of year 2008



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