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After.. it took a while since we have started to work on this website ;) But now, it’s up, full of features nobody else then us will be able to apprise, which doesn’t matter unless you’ll enjoy what you’ll see ;)

Dive in to deep mind space of Adolf Lachman.

Once upon a time

Swoong said the water to the stone
and nobody has seen it since.

Psycho pole dance by me

I’m sorry, the show is canceled.

Saturday, May 7 · 8:00pm – 10:00pm
Malé Vinohradské Divadlo
Záhřebská 21

New thing

Although the old works grate
enhanced and cherished by the ages
it was proper just for it’s time.

When the new thing comes
new approach has to be taken
though the experience not forgotten.


I’m sick being sick.
It’ll be sick not to feel sick.


Like a kid I made a saying for my self, I keep repeating until now.
Will I grow up ever?


When you can’t see,
you can most likely hear,
if not, then you can feel hopefully.
If non of it works you still have the imagination.

If the imagination won’t work as well, well you can eat at least.

See, the reality is 4 steps far from the virtuality.
And now, how much time from your life do you spend in each state?

The Sun wants to be cool

How can the Sun being aware of its nature
looks for the help in cold countries?
Counties where, as the Sun said,
the citizens lacks sun’s warmth
that both admires the most.


The sun shines from the east.

The change for change

The society grows up in to the predator
in order to bring the food right under the nose,
only then it’s able to realize what it eats and fall in low with it.

Always love the most what it has just lost.


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