7.15AM Pardubice (Czech republic) Fakulta chemickotechnologická UP Pardubice,nám. Čs. Legií 565

nobody knows that anything has to happen today,  or at least not the nanoSKOP, or anything else with the word nano in the name.

7.45 same place, sitting with couple people close to the main lecture hall waiting for the upcoming electron microscope presentation :)
Luckily one of newcomers has the organisers  phone number, so we get the actual address where all supposed to start. We all woke up and headed to the new given address believed we wont miss anything interesting. When we reached the destination even there nobody knows anything has to happen. Then one really kind woman point us to the new center of the faculty.img_0107img_0135

Pretty nice building, You know the pure totally empty like from the architecture blueprint, no people just glass and concrete, which was bit weird but still seams to be the right place. After we bypassed the whole building we saw couple workers went in. Hey this isn’t the right place, no other people then workers only the pure space.
I like the combination of red and green glass with black lines  on edges of the building…. I later spoke with Adolf A.K.A. Fantomas about this building and he explained to me a probably better concept that supposed to stay there but the concept was rejected by the city.

….couple other mistakes, phone calls and we found the right room with researchers waiting on us ;)

9.00 AM – Electro microscope
img_0136The E. microscope is bit funny thing. They make a vacuum, because they don’t want to shoot the air atoms. If you are lucky enough and you know how to operate with that sophisticated tool you get a nice pictures, those you know from all books of nano-technology, great beginning of the day. (more…)

net graffiti – help

net-graffitHello You who are not passive to the shared knowledge and the critical Internet thoughts. Help me out with the new article a have been started on en.wikipedia. I think this theme deserve to be evolved and practise as well.
Help me out with this

don’t wary this is not self promoting action ;) I’m not involved in this even though I would love to.


Wikipedia watchdogs totally sucks :(…  they deleted the page not to give it chance to exist an hour. This is a perfect example of their ignorance. If you think as I do that this has to come up again, create it again. Here is the content I have posted there as the cornerstone:

NET GRAFFITI is a new digital [[Graffiti]] phenomenon spreading all over the Internet.

The NET GRAFFITI tries to continue in the ideological line of street graffiti and it’s attitude of self expression without borders. The Internet is not academic field anymore. More and more people spend many ours in the virtual space and it becomes their natural space as like streets in their neighborhood are. With the space change the attitude stays still. Digital sprayers constantly feels the inner want of self expression and want to change the world for their needs.
==Digital stickers==
The [ LEN M.] group following the hacker style found a way how to embed their mainly political graphics to the digital world. A like classical graffiti “burnish” brick or concrete wall manipulates with posters or else advertisements, the NET GRAFFITI manipulates with the freely available digital material. They re-use already illegal material shared by the P2P network (such as [[torrent]], [[e-mule]] etc.) and changed particular part for their needs. As a target for such a contribution are chosen hacked programs or movies consumed by millions end users everyday. This material gives even much stronger basement for the net artists then the regular streets. By such a manipulation with high end editing tools (in some cases hacked as well) they can change the source material in the way that common user or else people who haven’t seen the original piece cannot recognize the difference and the manipulated content becomes in the eye of spectator the “unaffacted” and the only work.
In some cases especially speaking of manipulated programs the idea is explicit and even shocking.

* – homesite, the site is dead now, hopefully it will come up again


hacker27.-30.12.2008 Berlin Chaos Computer Club
Nothing to hide, 25th Chaos Communication Congress (25C3)

When Steve Kurtz, professor of University at Buffalo, The State University of New York, former professor of art on the Carnegie Mellon University in May 2004 found his wife dead (she died due to the hearth failure) he called the police. The police consequently went through his house and found among others petri dishes prepared for the upcoming exhibition of GMO agriculture, they contacted FBI and Steve was charged with bioterrorism. In 2007 approximately 150 people committed so called “civil disobedience” and destroyed field with about hectare of genetically modified corn, which lies by the way in “GMO Free Zone”. This action was declared by the government as criminal and terroristic act. The temperature of our planet unfairly raises high. One search request on Google eats as equal amount of energy as 11 Watt bulb per hour whereas produce 6.8 grams of CO2. Opencard with integrated RFID supposed to simplify our life in the city. But this technology can be used and surely will to track people down by those who own the technology and those who are interested enough to get those data for their needs.
Nicholas Rockefeller on the line with Aeron Russo:
N.R.: “ having this war on terror, you can never win it…so you can always keep taking people’s liberties away..the media can convince everybody that it’s real
A.R.: “What are you doing this for?
N.R.: “the goal is to get everybody in the world chipped with an RFID chip…and have all the money behind those chips and everything on those chips and when anybody wants to protest what we do or what we want, we just turn off the chip

Internet is an open medium but few exceptions, the censorship in the China, Germany … The great problem is particularly its transparentness. Everyone can get the information of someone else without him noticing. For example in Brazil hijackers search for needed information on Myspace, Facebook, Youtube and so forth. Even on the Prague Cyber 2008 conference on cyberterrorism hold by the Ministry of the interior of the Czech republic admitted that the FBI and Czech police too use social networks to get information about suspects. Not only hackers try to keep hiding their identity. Although the privacy right is essential cornerstone in civil rights during the Cyber 2008 conference come out the opinion that anybody who tries to hide him/her self is a hacker and considered as a cyber terrorist. Why anyone needs to hide his/her identity if he/she is not engaged in something illegal? The question of privacy solves hacker not only hiding him/her self behind someone else’s identity but they also create programs such as Tor ( By using Tor common user can surf the Internet with no traces and can send, receive or share his own data anonymously. The Mailinator ( lets user create an temporary email whereas registration is not required. The security question was present throughout the whole Berlin conference. Hackers in cooperation with scientists used 200 Playstations 3 (coupled in cluster) and during days of the 25C3 conference creates out of common SSL certificate working CA certificate. Thanks to this CA certification can be further created new legitimate certificate and consequently used as a verified certificate for money transactions.

Based on the common widely spread picture of the hacker we could treat him/her as a person without soul trying to get somewhere where he/she has no obligations ideally exercising robbery. On the contrary hacker seams to be critical thinking looking for the possible solution for his “homeland” virtual world and for his planet he/she lives on as well. Seams like there is a link among hackers and artists, both have critical sight and slight consciousness of technological impact on human and the earth. This trend can be seen again in Berlin and it’s Transmediale or in Linz on ARS Electronica. Whilst in the art world still prevail non critical fascination of technology, the hacker world already (sort of) understands that this world is not just a fancy toy.

25C3 homesite:,
conference recordings:

If you like to read the Czech version (bit truncated thought) buy new No. of Flashart(cz)..I guess it’ll be printed out on the beginning of February 2009.

SIM hack?

587_universal_unlock_card_for_iphone_nokia_sony_ericsson_motorolaI do not really watch tv, I do not even have one (even though I pay for it, that’s something I have to change, anyway back to the story), not because I do not have money, but because I don’t thing they give us the truth, who does :)
But today I saw interesting thing in TV. Some guy hypothetically spend 3 millions Czech crowns within 2 days which is no possible (that’s what they said, but if you count a bit you probably get the same conclusion). The only thing that pops up in my mind and makes me smile is that he was hacked.

So here is my thought. Some clever guy found out there is a security hole in encryption. They said that those who hacked the phone has to stolen the SIM first to make a copy etc., but I thing someone found a way how to decrypt the encryption on the fly (same as the WEP or WPA hack), and that’s is the bug he or she, who ever wants to point at!

For me it’s pretty much clear. They made such enormous charges, because they simply want to emphasize the fact that the SIM copy wasn’t use by the human and that this is only a illustration of the security problem (the company haven’t mentioned even a word indeed).
I think they just want to point at this security hole this way, just to remind us that no technology is perfect as we all like to forget.

Here are some links:
the video from TV (cz) starts at 12min.
a nice SIM description (cz)
and one lovely tutorial how to hack SIM card (en)
and many many more, where else then on Internet :)

I know, I might be wrong, but one thing is clear, we use the phone for everything and totally believe in security of this technology. Be surre, it is not! And that’s the message.

25C3: Nothing to hide

You know the end of the year is here again and it’s always tough to find any reasonable thing to do. This year could be different ;) During the December 27th to 30th, 2008 Berlin will hosts 25th Chaos Communication Congress.
I always wanted to either do my own stuff or see anything that is related to my own thoughts and get rid of the common s…. at this time. If all things goes well will spend those otherwise boring days learn something interesting.

Quote: The 25th Chaos Communication Congress (25C3) is the annual four-day conference organized by the Chaos Computer Club (CCC). It takes place at the bcc Berliner Congress Center in Berlin, Germany. The Congress offers lectures and workshops on a multitude of topics and attracts a diverse audience of thousands of hackers, scientists, artists, and utopians from all around the world. The 25C3s slogan is “Nothing to hide”.

offline maps – Prague & Czech republic for iPhone

This is bit out of the common topics on this site, but once it’s done it has to shared?
I’m happy to test the iPhone for a while and find out the GPS pretty useful. Because the iPhone use Google maps you have to download the current map tiles on the way and it cost money. I’m the type who always tries to find the way how to customize things for him self …bla bla bla.

Here is the cheap solution.

Luckily the iPhone is on the market for a while and people have same needs. If you have your iPhone Jailbroken the go to Cydia (freeware) and download OfflineMaps (freeware).

The tricky part is that you have to make the map for your self first and then upload it to you iPhone ;) You can either use the GMDL (freeware) application and make the maps of you desired location or you can download (207MB) mine I have made for my self. I made two maps, one in high resolution for Prague and one for whole Czech republic in lower resolution.. the map is not totally complete it lacks the lower part of Czech Republic, the one that touches the Slovak republic, but if you live in the same suburb as I do, this map will be fine for you ;)
The use the DiskAid app, (freeware) plug the iPhone to your PC with Windows (sorry guys but just for now) and navigate to /var/mobile/media/maps place the content of this file there. So that the Maps folder will includes two folders cz & ph, each of them with two files & MapTiles.sqlitedb. Go to Your OfflineMaps chose those maps and you are done. Enjoy.
The GPS localisation system works without the Wifi, Edge, cellular data connection, so if not less you always find your self on the map and then you will know where you are.

the dream comes true

I Have A Dream

Martin Luther King, Jr., August 28, 1963

blender conference Prague

Hello all interested in 3D virtual world. Another, this time Czech Blender conference is on the way. Under some circumstances this conference will be more of Game engine part of Blender, but fortunately not only. If you are interested more in animation stuff, consider these presentations as well, because you never know when you’ll have to animate something that could be done by the realtime simulation. For people who have just started there is also Basic lighting lecture which will be interesting even for Blender geeks and more and more, check the schedule.
The Czech Blender conference 2008 will happen on 7th October 2008 from noon to 7PM again on Academy of Fine Arts Prague.

Schedule is:

13:00 / Jan Mucska (o—-o): Game engine in the commercial field
14:00 / Peter Nespesny (Psychotron): Problematics of architecture visualisation
15:00 / Martin Schrimpel (G_Taurus): Basic lighting 2.46
16:00 / Jan Kudrnáč (XHN): Sculpt a normal map generarion
17:00 / Jan Kaláb (Pitel): Physical simulations
18:00 / Adam Preisler (Alfisko): Textures and modeling formost for games


/tmp/ is a fusion of Slovak & Czech music creative artist.

We would like to introduce you some known & unknown however interesting music individuals born, live and work in our central european suburb. Some of those unknown artist are brought by my shivers radio project.

11/07/2008 Friday, 20:00-5:00, Bunkr Parukářka – Prague 3 – Žižkov
Tram/Bus 26, 9, 5, 55, 58, 136
Entry 100kč

20h00 / Juraj / minimalist reproduction (SK)
21h30 / Milan Guštar / experimental programing (CZ)
23h00 / AY-RIDERS / realtime 8-bit show (UK, PL, RUS a CZ)
00h30 / BBNU / turntablism (CZ)


20h45 / Jack/Jack / noise positive (SK a CZ)
22h15 / Voise Over Noise / anythingoes (SK)
23h45 / batcha de mental / melodramatic popular song (SK)
01h15 / Jack Jackson5 / submisivní DJ performance (SK a CZ)

Creative Commons conference & anti-copyright

Digilab presents a conference focused on licences, namely Creative Commons license and copy-left. Conference will cover themes such as Czech & Slovak license legislation, show some advantages and disadvantages on practical examples, even people from  Wikipedia core will come and finally will have a chance to see and hear the point of view of Slovak fellow.

4/11/2008 BIOKO

17:00 / Lukáš Gruber: Creative Commons & Czech legislation
17:30 / Dušan Barok: Creative Commons in Slovak republick
18:00 / Jan Mucska: Creative Commons from practical view
18:30 / Josef Aujezdský: Law aspects of Open Source Licences
19:00 / Petr Kadlec: Licence not only on Wikipedia
19:30 / Adam Hazdra: Free Culture
20:00 / Pajkus: anti-copyright



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