project GutenbergThis post might seems out off topic but I think it’s a nice project so I want you to know it as well.

The story:
I wanted to buy  The TAO TE CHING book written by Lao tzu so I went straight to Amazon and found there an old translation form 1943 hardcover. You know once I want to buy a book it has to have grate cover :), but the picture isn’t presented there so I went on searching and first found where is all the poetry in nice order but then I found site. There are no pictures of any covers as far as I know but couple free book about 3 millions ;). They are in txt, pdf an many more formats, so if you like to read something and don’t want to wait for delivery or you don’t mind the blinking screen when you read give it try.

hack, the right way how to show the hole

hackOk guys, I have been hacked twice within the last half a year, they hacked first my old project site and now my This all means and they are more then right I do not mind what those sites do, or how they look like, even more the system and the security is, week (I did some things but surely not enough). It’s a pretty hard work make the site to be secure all the time, and once you have more of them as I do…. ;)

Thanks to hackers, they point in to black, you are right!


WILLOne month took us to make a full 3D game. The game has to support Czech athletes in the upcoming Paralympics games in Beijing 2008. WILL was released thanks to the sponsorship donation from the general partner of the Czech Paralympics Team, RWE Company & MARK/BBDO.

The game has ..”four chapters. We live the game through eyes of the main hero, who accompanies all situations by his internal voice to identify with the topic the most. After an apparently amiable opening when we go swimming, the first level becomes more dramatized and we suffer an injury, with which we shall fight further on.

see and read more on my page http://o— or right on the project homepages or

right in the heart

cell - inthe heart of PragueBelieve or not we get the CELL right on the Mustek, the hearth of Prague.  If you go by under the sun or during the rainy day it might be worthy to cover your head for a while, and especially if you don’t wanna spend any money in shop or classical gallery then this is the right place for you.

the schedulle is:
Darina Alster – 13death
Adéla Svobodová – Friday
Tamara Moyzes – Miss roma
Aleš Čermák – Artist
KOKO – Salma
Petra Pětiletá – Nic není horké jak se uvaří
Jakub Nepras – Jízda
Klara Jirková – Big sister
Vilem Novák – den2a
Viktor Takáč – Panorama
Klára Tasovská – Ha Can
Josef Bareš – Precious Petals
Eva Jiřička – Gardens
George Hladík – Soused
David Landa – Rozhovor
Martin Boyer – Swan 1
Adela Babanová – Dekodér
Krieg – Zavření
Ivan Svoboda – Musca Pallida

(it might grows know artists )

Gallery Cell attacks the Prague center

cellFor those who don’t know what CELL is, here is a small explanation. Gallery CELL is a project of our noncommercial assosiation OUTPUT. The CELL has to bring the contemporary art right into streets. New upcomming show will be right in the hearth of Prague at Náměstí republiky.

Klára Tasovská
Tamara Moyzes & Shlomi Yaffe
Petra Pětiletá

More information of our upcomming shows on


bridge - pre alfa versionSeams like everybody goes crazy under the burning sun rays and all decided to make up something. One of those things is a game that has to support Czech paralympic team (swimming team in the case of our game).
I and consequently all who start to participate on this game things it’s a good idea to work on attempt with such a noble goal.

Because of our attitude the game is open and shared under the Creative Commons license. Even Better the game is based on Blender open source 3D platform, so you all have a chance to see the progress, download progress files, comment them all you want. You can even help us if you like and know how ;)

The story is still bit secret but what I may say is that the story is of man his attitude, power, determination and solid desire to win.

here is a link to it’s temporary domain http://www.paralympic.o—

bikebreak records

bikeHello my friend. It has been couple days after the live performance on ADD soundsystem already. I’m sitting here listening to what we have done, ..frankly I didn’t know exactly what we’ve done. You know all the people around and the noise, being totally wrapped up in to my own part of the show. …For those who don’t know what is going on here is a little description.

I 2046 & erixikora we where hocked up into the Radim’s sound-toy-machine (ADD soundsystem) on one of the Radim’s sessions we where invited on.  I played on my audible bike with contact microphones and erik mixed my sounds and played with sound compositions. Then all that stuff run thru the ADD toy where people could send the sounds into separate outputs (speakers) all around the room so we got pretty crazy surround buzz.

Here you can listen to what we have done .

brakebeat in the rhythm of pedals

Eriksikora and 2046Better late then never. Today is a Friday if I’m not wrong and I totally forgot to mention here we have a concert today.
Today, Ciant gallery Křižkovského 18. Prague, 6PM.
ErikXikora-laptop & 2046-bike

Shivers in the Pavilon

Shivers in the PavilonAnnounce..from shivers.o—….
Beginning form the eighteenth April continues to twenty-fifth April in the same Year will have an LIVE radio show. Every each of those days will make interviews with bunch Czech musicians, visual artists who ever they are speaking of their work opinions and things that warm them up. So, don’t forget to check this site soon for more info. If you want to see them personally then come to meet us within given time in the Gallery at Vinohradský Pavilon 50, Prague 2.
Here are some of The Artists you can look forward to… Floex, Sterec, Frantisek Zachoval, Vilda Novak, Stanislav Abraham and much, much more..

Say no to radar

radarSome struggles happening in the Czech neighborhood with the radar that US wanna embed here. I’m personally against it. I don’t think its good to have whatever war shit here especially coming from US. I don’t see any reason why particularly they ought to have it here or anywhere else except on ‘their own’ country. They will not aloud us do the same on their side for well understandable reason.

I tell you something…. until you keep you knife home it serve you well as a cooking tool , but once you take it out of the house it’s not a kitchen knife anymore.

So say no to radar! or


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