Useful sound chart

I’ve been looking for some sound chart where I could find basic information about the sound frequencies, its length all related to the melodies and such. I know this cannot be covered in one picture but still. I made this – pdf:


Unibody wooden bike frame on wheels

Hey there,

I just want to emphasise one thing.
After years of sketching and month of work the bike is here!


Eat this

Sexy Disko


Pale Blue

Mantra, 2015

Mantra, 2015 by 2046 on Mixcloud


Hardline by 2046 on Mixcloud

Piano dismantling

Piano is such a cool thing to have. Especially if you can tune it up your self. It is like if it grows with my skills which is exactly I like things to be. I’m heaving a ANT. Petrof I bought for almost no money and did a lot of crazy stuff with it.. now I decided that it would be fun to clean it up and tune it up. Which is not that hard as it might seams like, though you have to have big patience to re-do it again and again until one day.. it stays tuned.. for some time ;). I also tuned up the hammer action, which is fairly complex thing. Luckily my mechanics is a simplified version of what is used today and so it was easy to figure out how it works.

There is still a lot to learn, which is grate.


NIKOLA 2046 – Heartbeats

NIKOLA 2046 – Heartbeats by 2046 on Mixcloud


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