2046OK I couldn’t resist….

records from the Radim’s screening & my “sushi” as well

foto from of my “sushi” stufffoto from of my “sushi” stuffI think the header says everything and if not check this video out.

Thanks to Dreamhost

dreamhost account menu

I know it sounds like the advert but it’s not, or.. ?
Anyway I wanna thanks to my web hosting provider. It’s about midnight here and I have spend more then week tuning WordPress, plugins etc. on clients server and still with no positive result. I’m not glad to say that, but I gave up for now. Doesn’t make sense to work on something hours, weeks when I’m able to do the same thing within hours on my Dreamhost hosting. This is not even for the first time I stay staring on the screen getting cold wrists and wishing to have clients hosted on the Dreamhost as well. OK, the response from here there and back is bit slower because of the NIX problem. Look for ie. on the image of the menu (the with line on the left side) under my account. You can easily guess what they offer and I must say I love the interface they give me. I can setup whatever I want within minutes. New domains, DNS, close to unlimited space, Streaming, Ftp accounts one click installations. I have almost ..if I remember correctly more then 300GB & way more then that all those things work for bit more then 100 bugs per year. You can say why all that, what for I tell you something it saving my time when I work on my own things, unfortunately not all of us are having hosting there. This maybe has to be written only in czech cause I have problems mainly with czech hostings (I have tried 5 of them and only zserver gave me more then the others thanks to kindness of the owner)…maybe that’s all I wanted to say, just Thank’s guys wish you can save more of my time.


CELLMany things going on recently. Seems my feelings are somehow right and on the place. I feel this year with lovely number 2008 will be not only in the sign of rat but with sign winged by the freedom and interesting work. Something happened and Prague City Hall has decided to  support our project CELL. This is just an announcement that something is in the air, if you know more check the output website for more info.


shivers….happy again. I just gave a birth to a radio which was actually our nm1 radio but now it’s mine and I will cradle it in my own way. It has it’s own website shivers.o— That was the first step I felt it has to be done before I start again. You know have clean undies and do the rest ;)
I have no streaming opportunity now though, but it runs as a podcast and it will run as a podcast further on speaking of interviews. I’m looking forward to set up an virtual mac os system on laptop do some dirty tricks and set up streaming again, cause podcast is not the right pleasure. Many thank’s to  my squirrel who draw the graphic or label if you like.

Videografie + czech sushi style

czech - sushi by 2046Eventhough I’m bit overeaten on sushi I’m always ask to make on parties etc. I said yes again. I’ll prepare “cheko no nihon no sushi sutylu” on Radim‘s retrospective scenic videoinstallation. If you like to take some sushi for free and don’t mind of my combinations your are welcome to join us at 19. February , NoD gallery, Prague Dlouha 33, 7:30PM.

Shirley & Spinoza Comeback

shirley & spinozaI got a lovely news. Shirley&Spinoza Internet radio is back on the digital AIR. I cannot say how I’m happy again. It’s just terrific. Tune in too.


Vladimir Skrepl - XYXXVladimir Skrepl invited me to participate on his exhibition he is running from:

December 12 2007

in Karlin studios,
Krizikova 34, Prague
6 January 2008

It was kinda challenge for me go back, pick up airbrush again and made up something. So I did.
I found out that the only topic I’m able to treat in a painting is my own position I’m showing with the project. That sort of fits to the whole theme of this exhibition. Even though I don’t thik you’ll be able to see my work there, it’ll be present. Hope you enjoy the show.


juraj kollar – adaptace

juraj kollar / adaptaceMy friend Juraj Kollar running life painting performance in Vinohradsky pavilon, Prague(second floor).
The aim of this project is to adapt him self to a new unnatural space for painting which is open public space in shopping mall. In relation to passing by spectators, he would like to explore his own mental borders in the field of self consciousness & prove his painter’s efficiency.

He’ll stays there till 10th December when he’ll present his work he have done thru the stay in gallery.

Linux – a bit of future

ubuntu studioI have a small talk on the Linux topic in AVU next week particulary Ubuntu studio :), because it’s more interesting for people here in Czech & the speach will be spoken in our lang. let me write the announce in Czech for them. Hope make for ya in En soon.

Linux – střípek budoucnosti

    1. Proč používat jiný operační systém než moje babička?
    2. Instalce tučňáka. K dispozici bude cca 5 počítaču na které nainstalujeme Linuxovou distribuci Ubuntu Studio.
    3. Ubuntu Studio a jeho Výhody pro umělce a začátečníky.
    4. Seznámení s rohrazním a trocha praxe.
    5. Linux neni jen na hackování, ale na normální každodení práci.
      Ukázka užitečných programů.
    6. Mazlení s novým kamaradem.

Přednáška ma za cíl představit Linux pro normálního uživatele a ukázat mu možnosti za které nejen že nemusí platit, ale ješte se mu vyplatí.
dodatek: Pokud vás zajímaji nové příkazi v terminálu, asi by ste měli spíš navštívit

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