“soldiers all over”

soldiers all overHello my Friends,

All my personal life is changing these last days. Temperature of my blood is rising up again thanks to many of my close friends and the happening in the everyday life of our common “users” has some impact on it as well.
So here we are standing face to face our future, reflecting in the behavior of our recent or future generation. Even though I do not believe it’ll be better, I feel, I have to make my opinion visible hopping it postpone the unavoidable end of human and all other being as we understand it now, or at least I do.
I’m glad we are pushing problems aside sitting on sofa eating popcorn and learning how to use machine guns.

If you’ll get bored by the Xmas shopping and happened to be close to Vinohradsky pavilon(Vinohradska 50, Praha 2, Czech republik), then maybe my exhibition wake you up. The exhibition running from 26. September till 2. November this year 2007, The opening starts at 6PM.

If you are one of those who rather stay home checking the waves of their wifi-microwave then Check at least this out:

AVU exhibition

avu exhibition It happened, somebody decided make an exhibition of the best students actually their work, the work of students of Academy of Fine Art Prague. And under other circumstances happened I’m there too, luckily not personally, but one of my old work is there. I don’t think is as much interesting but If you do understand Czech then the most interesting thing is to hear what people from each studio things. Their thoughts are presented on TV sets all over the place, in the first floor :)

I forgot here si the link
25. October – 25. November
Tue. – Sun. 10AM – 6PM

eriXikora – mezidobí

Erik Sikora @ 2046 - mezidobíAs much as a new baby comes up every minute, that much Erixikora makes up his music with wild inner attitude. Come closer, slam the doors, sit on you sofa and listen what’s up in his mind & where the energy comes from. Here you are again, an interview with this music beast.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

or listen.

Juraj Kollar – interview

juraj kollar @ 2046 - structuresInterview with musician Juraj Kollar who is primarily abstract painter. Was done on Sunday night in the year of grace 2007. The interview is focused on the relationship between his painting and the music he is composing.

You can listen it

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

(57MB) or on the fly on our radio stream.

ubuntu studio

ubuntu studioMichal Pustejovsky showed me an ubuntu brach UBUNTU STUDIO I never heard of, full of multimedia tools. As an “artist”what ever I ‘m who is interested in and work with sound, video, etc. I was curious how far I can go with the linux and if I’ll be able to get rid of the Windows and Mac os( I know again ;) ). I’m not going to write here list of all software it has if you like to know more you can always check the Ubuntu studio homesite.
Looking for the right source of download-able installation I found out that most of the links are dead or work-less at this time. I think it’s a pretty well done linux with bunch of useful programs for media artists & it’ll be pity if you guys end up on 404 error page. If you’ll end up there come back here and download the Studio from this link (ubuntustudio-7.04-alternate-i386.iso). It lies on pretty stable and fast server. Don’t worry I’ll keep it there for reasonable time.

update:..new ubuntu studio version is up, check it out here. ..I’m curious if it solves problems with parallel sounds ;) btw my attempt of update from 7.04 wasn’t really successful. It deleted all important thing such as jack(audio) and so on…and mes up the hard drive. Better reinstall it from scratch.


cyklojizda prahaCyklojizdy are Czech branch of worldwide movement Critical Mass where people want to show their disapproval with global car trend. Cities are crowded by cars and the air is unbreathable not speaking about consequences such as global warming.
Like a everyday biker I see only cars on me way, there are just a few bikers most of them are messengers though. People don’t ride bike because is “danger” and because they don’t want to breathe this dirty air, they rather take their car because it’s “safe” and they don’t have to breathe the scum. This easy consideration turn aside the fact that they are the actual scum producer and they will not help that way the situation whatsoever.

Help us clean the city out of unnecessary dirt produced and join the graceful ride on 22 September.
Starting position is on Staromestke namesti at 3PM.

For those who live in Prague and understand Czech language here is a call-up.You can help with your vote and hopefully improve the situation.


labyou - cosplayI totally forget to mention LAB YOU event running in NoD space. My friend KOKO invited me there. So if you like to try some of my skirts you have a chance till the end of August.
Once I’m here writing this post then I must say a word about Cosplay. I guess you know it already. Thinking about Prague fashion “underground” is good to put them up both on the same table and compare them. If you check just a bit the Cosplay (cosornot) and know what’s going on in Prague (maybe Europe generally) then those waves are almost incomparable. It’s a question why they could wear such a things and the average people are able to handle it. I thing it’s because the social culture there (Tokyo and so)is bit more advanced.
I don’t have personal experience though, hope I will soon ;)


outputCouple weeks ago I became to be part of the Group called OUTPUT. OUTPUT begun as a Gabina’s project and then later transformed into a bigger one with more people behind it. The crew is Gabriela Jurkovicova, me, Erik Sikora & last but not least Blanka Cermakova who plays important role for us.
Our current project METRO/POLE was canceled due the shaky circumstances, but we are breezy and stronger then ever before heading to new project DEZERT.
Anyway the main news is the OUTPUT website is up and we are collecting projects and cleaning up our thoughts. Check out the website if you like to know more.
One thing I ought to mentione, the website is mainly in Czech language now…. don’t wary will translate it soon ;)

silent shouts 001

This is an first piece of my own “silent shouts” I have just decided to start with. I guess they will grow up as long as I feel need to “express” something “loud”.

nm1 – radio

nm1 - radio - newbornhello there,
as you probably mentioned already, under the projects tree I have new “piece” if i might call it that way. It’s a internet radio station I put up together with poeple from new media 1 & other maniacs.

Radio intention is to: “.. offers space for artists who works with sound & think of sound in unusuall way, giving them needful space for self expression.”

The radio is still under heavy testing procedure but it’s up and screaming.
Give it a time and listen what this
newborn baby want to say.


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