btw … records from electric sheep

electric sheepso I’m back.

Bacause none of us has countless time hanging on all exhibitions on every corners all over the planet so here are records from the “Electric sheep” exhibition.
Here you are our small video description of “Replicant” installation & here Shoot from opening(made by heavy stream but good quality).

emblem.ccI am delighted to introduce you my new website
This website is the home site for my project with identical name ;). Intencion of this project is “..offer a wide variety of so-call cross gender styles. In order to enhance male dress code female like elements are introduced.
Furthermore, this should reveal that formerly feminine elements accentuate masculine sex-appeal
The website includes online-shop so you have a chance to buy & enjoy some of myoutgrowth.

Enjoy & see ya soon in the streets, I think will recognize each other ;)

Blender conference 2007 – PRAGUE

Blender conference 2007 - PRAGUEI like to welcome you on already third Czech Blender conference in Prague. The conference take place in the main building of Academy of Fine Arts Prague.(map to Academy)

Blender is the free open source 3D content creation suite for 3D modeling, Animation, video & sound editing & last but not least interactive game creation tool, available for all major operating systems.

Date: 14 April 2007 from 12/00AM till 21/00PM.


  • 12.00 – Car modeling / by bumpkin
  • 13.00 – Scene lighting / by Ragnos
  • 14.00 – Game engine / by Johny.D
  • 15.00 – Material Node editor / by postolka
  • 16.00 – Sequence, Node editor / by Slange
  • 17.00 – Informations from behind / by Jiri Hnidek
  • 19.00 – Open discussion

videos from fashion non-fashion opening

fashion non-fashionI totally forgot to post here anything about our “performance” on “fashion non fashion or Ein Kessel Buntes” opening. It was fun, mainly thanks to Mark’s friends, Karo & others. I have had there only two pieces from my collection. I act there also like a model for Mark’s pieces and others in return were models for me :).
Thank’s to it I act like a model for Karo’s stuff for tv magazine in Czech tv called if I’m not wrong “Q“.

For those who wanna see that fashion show implicitly here are links on movies placed on non-commercial internet tv I’m sorry guys but it’s in wmp format :( in really good and heavy quality ;).

for download 134MB I think PAL quality or something like that.
or stream it.

Electric sheep

electric sheep - exhibition in Gallery of Academy of fine arts PragueWhat electric sheeps dreams about nowadays?
What do computers dream about?
Where is the electric sheep dug in? Who may we call in this way?
How much vegetables consumes the sheep? Can ants live in a gallery? These questions & more are be answered at the Electric Sheep exhibition.

March 05 2007 (untill March 09) 6PM gallery AVU (Prague)

openning kick-off: Ondřej Neff
concert of: NewMedia orchestra

Erik Síkora, Viktor Takáč, Klára Jirková, Pavel Sterec, Martin Boyer, Josef Bareš, Jan Vidlička, Gabriela Jurkovičová, o—-o, Štěpán Kleník, Ondřej Švadlena

link to Electric sheep – flayer

fashion non fashion or Ein Kessel Buntes

non-fashionI like to invite you on exhibition opening in gallery c2c where I’ll have unfortunately thanks to certain circumstances only one piece :(. If you like to see other stuff you can see it thru the openings day see bellow.

Originally fashionable, stylishly non-fashionable, partially for sale Fashion show and a hair-Styling studio

Opening|: 14th of December at 6 pm
c2c Gallery
Za Strahovem 19
Prague 6

Opened: Thur-Sat, 4 pm-7pm
15-22 December

Or upon the Appointment: +420 731 512 512


9 11I know this is a bit hot theme and everybody think it’s a good theme for artistic invention and such a bullshits. But this is not this case.
I was bit confused when I realized what even my close friends still think about 9/11. They were surprised and thought I’m crazy when I spoke with them about what I saw and what I had thought is familiar to everyone, but it’s not though. So I decided to make an screening of videos which I found out most relevant to this theme at AVU on December 15th 2006, screening room 6.
pdf flayer 9-11-01_AVU.pdf | 400KB
or image | 40KB


gas06Golden art student Prague 2006 Thursday 7.December 2006 from 6PM. National Gallery Veletržní palác.

Ubuntu wizard

Ubuntu wizard I can’t help my self not to write here my new experience with Ubuntu.
My friend has function less hard disk in her laptop, so she went to the service and they told her that the disk is broken and if she want her data back it will cost her about 500$ :D, kinda expensive fun huh?
Because I have some experience with data restoration I offered her my help. She sends my her disk and after I received it I hook up the disk into my Laptop. Because her original system with her data was Windows I booted into Windows. The disk was somehow mounted but not recognized by the Windows system. Then I have tried data restoration softwares like, Stellar Phoenics, Norton Utilities, Virtual lab, Get data back and other similar programs for such cases. Only Stellar Phoenics saw the disk but shows my an message with serious error. :O Hmm, after two days work I decided to boot back in to my Ubuntu installation and try what happen, just out of curiosity. I logged in and I couldn’t believe to my eyes. I saw the disk and I could read the content of it.
I simply don’t understand why Windows has problems with the disk mounting and Backup advanced programs couldn’t read any data from it and I don’t understand why Ubuntu has no problem at all. If you have any idea why, let my know. Thanks to Linux-Ubuntu developers my friend has data back almost for free :)

metro sky

metro skyI have had a couple new ideas recently. One of them is this metro sky concept.

The sky cascades across the ceiling of the metro car, giving commuters a much needed break from the otherwise drab atmosphere of Praha’s dark tunnels.

link to the project page


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