out-put Wenceslaw square in PragueHere is the actual out-put from the action. Our pieces runs there till the end of October 2006.
OUT-PUT from Wenceslaw square in Prague

13. Pátek

13 patek - outputScreening starts on 13 October(Friday) 2006, 10PM Wenceslaw square by the horse.
& will continue till 27 October.

OUT PUT Gallery

OUT PUT Gallery OUT PUT is a gallery in a public space whose medium is light billboard placed at upper part of the Wenceslaw square in Prague.
Gallery start it’s activity on the beginning of September.

homepage of this project: http://sakura-graphic.com/input.htm

artblack 2 is here

art blackLet me invite you to ARTBLACK art festival in Pardubice Czech republic. Festival runs from 14. September to 30. October 2006. Festival begins with Procession of decay attractor 14th September 5PM at Pernštýnské square.
I’ll have two pieces there. E_S project & my new project which has no name yet :)

another commercial Motion Trecking project ready

Motion Trecking / Brod / Rock Fro People 2006I made another Motion Tracking job for http://pmintl.com. As you notice pmintl is tobacco company :[. It took me some time to decide if I’ll take this offer but I finally did….’Sucker’. From the beginning it was a road trip through the difficulties and problems. Damned I know why. It was a revenge for my fragility, because the work is made for smoking promotion and stands against my ideas. So I nailed a nail into my casket and I’ll burn up in hell. Damned money rules.

link to project page

Bojovka 2006

bojovka 2006 MeeTree is coming and with it also fabulous “Bojovka”. Bojovka is a dangerous trip through the deep, dark, daemonic wood 3km far from Veltrusy and 300m far from Vsestudy in the Prague neighborhood. You’ll see there hundreds of ghosts and miracles. You must take your children with you if you have any, but be aware that this experience might be hard even for tough guys. Who have seen and survived last Bojovka couldn’t resist to pass through another horrifying mental experiment. Bojovka will run exactly on the full moon on Tuesday 11.July. 2006.

check this flyer out

If you are one of THEM, take your scythe and show up day before at a same place but masked as a normal human.


NITRO / Jiri GrusCREWECON 2006 is first multigallaxy session about comics which will be this suturday 10 June(Kino AERO, Biskupcova 31, Prague 3). My friend fabulous comics maker Jiri Grus has an introduction of his new work NITRO. You can see him there between 3-4PM http://www.fantasyplanet.cz/clanek.asp?id=2324

Ubuntu Dapper Drake

Ubuntu dapper drake - installationI want to to share with you my experience with new shiny UBUNTU. UBUNTU is Linux distributions of operating system which actually launched its latest version on June 1. 2006. The new release is titled Ubuntu 6.06 LTS. Linux has fable of a system which is hard and to install and manage even for geekers. This new version of UBUNTU show us that it’s not true at all. Installation run first like a live cd(system running from CD). So, we have a chance to see if the system will work on our computer and try how it works in basic configuration without need to install it on our harddrive. Because the live version run totally smooth I did not see reason why not install this system on my computer. I continued via shortcut on the desktop and launched installation. After 20 minutes I got system installed and ready to use :) In basic installation you can find programes such as Firefox, OpenOffice 2, Evolution e-mail client, Gimp(image editor) Totem video player and many many more. System provided wide range of programs which are sufficient for most common users as much that they probably don’t need to install any other program on it. If someone really need some specific program then UBUNTU offer him Package manager that give him access to multi universe library of free programs. It let us easily download and install “whatever” we need beginning with famous Thunderbird email client continuing with sound, video and 3D programs not speaking about web server etc. I couldn’t resist and after few minutes I installed XGL graphic option which liquefy my windows and give variety of fancy tricks in to my user interface. Because I need to work bit more professional and I like simple design, I decide to uninstall XGL & install last NVidia drivers. In this case help me people from UBUNTU forum, particularly this excellent script which does everything perfectly. New UBUNTU Installation work excellent and only problem I have now is set up video drivers for multi monitor use.

If you are interested to use a new system, because you are either bored of neverendless fight with viruses or because you are looking for free program solution for your ideas, UBUNTU is right choice.

my hardware configuration:
Sony Vaio VGN-FS395VP, 512RAM, Pentium M Processor 740, Geforce go 6400 32 MB DDR – Up to 128 MB shared
full hardware specification


UNREALI.gifUNREAL I. is a first non-realtime release of my 2046 project. Sound content of UNREAL I. is extracted only from the game Unreal 2004. I followed in some cases the spirit of this game to empower the actual mood. Mood of trendy games, that we are mostly playing and are widely developed nowadays. I tried to force out the absurdity of a game conversation which is focused on army slang and other similar absurd conversation. Sometimes highlighted only absurdity :). At the same time it give us possibility create delicious phrases with intriguing meaning like in song offense_defense.

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Cyberspace 2006 Call for abstracts

cyberspace 2006quote from http://cyberspace.muni.cz/english/index.php:
Organizational Committee is honoured to announce that Call for Papers for the IV. international conference Cyberspace 2006 has been published. All authors are cordially invited to submit their abstracts in accordance with published Call.


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