bfigt.gifI started work on BFight free two person fighting game developed in Blender that uses the Blender Game Engine licensed under the GNU GPL license. Because of this, the game will run on Linux, Windows, Mac OS X and other platforms.
Goal is to change the standard behavior slightly in order to alter the standard violence seemingly required by modern games.

BFight website


meetree05.jpgMeetree party is actually Jakub Nepras party take place in the Prag suburb surrounded by trees and the party itself is on the tree house. I could see my small project Swing there. If you haven’t been on this party don’t be sad you’ll have chance next year. :)

Shirley&Spinoza radio


I found amazing radio. Sinc this time I can’t leave computer.
You can find it at

E_S project at entermultimediale

entermultimediale_e_s.jpgYou could see E_S project at entermultimediale form 09.05.05 till 12.05.05 more info here


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