PAF Rewind: Net Art

6.–9. December. – 2046: Aggressive Copyright | installation | PAF Rewind: Net Art
{if everything goes well :) }

plus a presentation on Satturday about 20:00+

Although the PAF festival is about the animation maily, they’ll run an additional extra division focusing on Net-art  from the Czech woods and grooves.

Installing apps under 18 forbidden!

Does it sound stupid?

What about this familiar story.
..hey a bought new computer but I don’t know where to get all the office programs and even worst, If I have then I do not know how to install them… Don’t vary just give it to your kiddy it know everything about computers…
And so it happened.

The kid took what ever software it knows for that matter – say it was all legal material, and went through countless installations of this or that program for what ever daily use.

The kiddo agreed with all the necessary agreements and went on…

But, can an underage really agree with such a terms legally?
Isn’t it like that parents are responsible for their adults?
Nobody of us without the skilled layer is able to fully understand all that rights and wrongs. How the teenage can?
Can we just throw all the responsibility on the shoulders of the child, because it knows where to click during the installation process?
Isn’t our responsibility keep our children out of such a struggles?
Isn’t our responsibility not to let them undergo unnecessary risks?
They are not mature for these decisions, as like they are not mature enough for alcohol and cigarettes, or are they?

And so I say.
Installing apps under 18 forbidden!

Keep your spine straight to these matters. Don’t make hypocritical exceptions. The rules are rules! We made them.

Juliet – psycho bike

The bike was fucking stolen!

If you see it let me know, I’ll be generous.

Couple months ago I have started to make a bike for Julie.

The intention was to make something unique, something that will cause no problems chain can ever fall off the cassette. The sitting position has to be comfy as well as handle bars has to fit not causing any instability and so on and so … I did this

Bit by by day
The frame is old Alpine racing frame, rims are nice high Julians and the saddle Juliet :)
It looks like one speed but it isn’t. It is again equiped by nice  Shimano Nexus inner hub, I just love my own and this has to have the same indeed. This kinda hub just awesome. All the Derailleurs are .. I don’t know..they are lighter for sure but you always have to think when you can change the speed. This is much faster, you can change the speed anytime, no matter if you drive or not and what speed. You can go from top to bottom without losing the drift.

OKi enough about the hub.. the rubbers are nice though we wanted much fatter, but the frame cannot handle big rubbers so we were”forced to” change the plan. The bike is faster now but on bad ways the drive is not that smooth ;) On the flat roads it’s a devil.
I love the stem, I got it almost for free, but it fits so nicely.. I played bit with colors, so the bike matches our sketches.

At the end I must say it is in much better condition then I though it will be. The ride is somehow smooth and plesant. I think the frame does its job well and the handle bars too.

2046’s plugins on Softpedia

Thanks to some circumstances or just because people on Softpedia are workaholics, they put all my WordPress plugins on their site.

Sweet :)

Easy, but rich GUI WordPress content builder

Some time a go I have been developing a website for sub-project of Auto-mat As I have seen their current developers struggling with every new wanted feature, I have decided to give them a flexible workflow that lets them restructure and enhance the website without coding.

So I made the template completely out of widgets. I made for them bunch of widgets. One can show pages with this and that relation, second lets them put text advertisement everywhere they want and so on and so forth. They can move all part of the website wherever they want without coding. Why should they code, anyway? What they have to do is to focus on their work instead.

Then I went even further completed all the functions to one widget and released it for free – 2046’s loop widget

But what I wanted to do from the beginning was to create a flexible tool extendable by anyone. The Graphic User Interface of 2046’s loop widget also grown in to a super huge beast with many options in one widget.
So I did the second step. I made Easy.

I have redone the whole thing from top to bottom. All the view part and logical controllers are in the form of “bricks” which you can drop in the slot, and that’s it :)
It is much cleaner, more user friendly and finally it is much richer then its ancestor. Though it doesn’t have that much controls as 2046’s loop widget it has much more view bricks with even more features,… just a matter of time. Thanks to its easy system powered be externals, some kind of easy plugins, it’s easy to add any kind of new control brick or what ever we wish.

Al the views are in defined in form of an array, and the widget it self makes all the inputs and all the logic behind it. If you add your function it’s automatically connected to the widget bricks and executed on the front end.
Sweet :)
When I finish the core functions I’ll add more controls and then write complete Documentation and put it online so you can plug in your ideas not obliged to fight with the WordPress widget structures and all that stuff behind it.

Until then, try Easy and let me know what you think.

Rearrange, resort widget screen in WordPress

Here is one quick handy fix for the WordPress widget screen layout.

I found the actual admin widget layout bit stupid. Giving a grate space to unused widgets rather then give us a space to work with the widgets in the sidebars we use.

So I made this small fix. It is just a raw CSS hack, but the widget screen is much much better and easier to work with.
(The next step might will be to rearrange the sidebars so that they somehow matches to the front-end layout, maybe layouts.. meaning that there will even be a tab for widgets view.
I hope WP developers come up with this solution them selves)

You can find this feature in the new 2046’s loop widget 0.253

World Weather – WWO

Small patch turned into a completely new plugin. The weather forecast is based on API (JSON). The plugin is much more light then its ancestor. It has more features and most importantly it works!


Because we felt like there is no such a thing in Slovak, we made a cultural calendar focused on the Slovak scene. is a open cultural portal done for anyone who would like to know or share the Slovak culture.

It is free, it’s open and it is here for all of us.

2046’s loop widget (v. 0.251)

An update of the 2046’s loop widget is up in the WordPress repository.
Though the new version includes only admin helpers it is still worth to be updated.

The are two new features.. the extra widget name field, it saves you lot of time figuring out what widget is The widget you are looking for.. and the widget description field helps you in further on, when you try to remember what the hell you have done there.

Concentrate V. (A4)

Bunch of papers in the A4 format are the base for the new exhibition I’m part of.

The main idea of the curatorial project Concentrate is to concentrate a selection of art producers. The goal is to make that selection as wide as possible to fulfil the desire of diversity.
It means that participants don`t ussually exhibit together, thuss this show becomes a kind of visual conference. This years Concentrate will happen at two different quadrants of the Earth. The south-west one is represented by colegues from South America, Brasil, Rio de Janeiro and the north-east one, European art, will be represented by Czech and Prague scene.

Gallery Crux (Brandýs nad Labem), Ivana Olbrachta 45/20, more info on


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