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Still not completely ready, but almost done. The speed shifter is just awesome…The recent change is that I have replaced the orange sprocket bit for lighter and more accurate one ..more pictures later.

Nexus on old Diamondback

After ten years I have had the chance to own my Diamond back I have decided for a change.
The Bike was well equipped by the STX components, beginning from the hubs to brakes continuing to any component you might thing of, except the frame indeed.  After the years every part deteriorates. Sprocket where changed for a cheep version, the deraileur changer has been replaced by the Deore type and so on and so on (the hubs stayed untouched and are grate up until now).

Through that time the bike served well except one thing. The changer (deraileur) has been always problem (don’t remember how it was with the STX version). The chain sometimes changed the sprocket by it selves, mostly when I need it the most on the cross.. kicking the bars with my knee. The chain rambled, hitting the frame all the time.

Everything changed on my trip to Tokio (the report plus dozens of photos) where I have experienced the super polished roads. The street was so narrow that you understand right a way why the the fixies takes the read the most. A was spellbound by their tire sound. Warm humming totally awesome. No noise nothing just the hum, peaceful and quiet.

A was kinda ready for  such a change. Right before I went to Tokyo I changed my tires for the Schwalbe Marathon a nice super smooth tires. Until then I had used the WTB mounting bike dirty cats grip tires. Which where good, but realizing that I ride the bike in the streets 98% of my all ride there was really no reason ride such tires. There were grate but slow and not cool enough. Up to that and thanks to my japan experience I have decided for the change.

The deraileur has to go off the bike and will be replaced by something peaceful and quiet, with less speeds. I use about 4 speeds, the rest just fills the gap in between.
After some surfing I found the winner. Relatively cheap hub with just enough speeds, passable quality and accurate gear ratio. The Nexus 8 speed hub.

Here we are. The hub came with almost all the necessary parts. Only the dirt caps where missing, both left and right. The are not absolutely necessary but are grate in long run. I’ve got one spare left dirt cup from my second Nexus hub I plan to use on the second bike so I used that one.

After the hub was build into the wheel the time of truth comes.
The first useful note. First I thought the Front Chainwheel has to have about 38 teeth and so I have looked for a crankset that will have such a wheel. Guess what I haven’t found one (that I like). After some attempts I decided use the actual 3 speed crankset and try what suites the most and keep it till I find the right set I would go for (the plan is to have single front wheel). As I said, based on my consideration I thought the second wheel (with 36 teeth) will be the one. As the tries shows , it might be the right one if you like to drive calm and will experience many hills or like the wood rides. If you’ll ride roads then the 42 teeth wheel is the right choice. The bike with the 42 wheel and Nexus runs unusually fast but the light gearing is not that light as I was used to.
To be more concrete, it all applies to a bike with 26″ wheels (rims). If you have 28″ wheels the 38 teeth crankset might be accurate.

There were couple problems I want to mention here. Just in the case you plan to do something similar to your bike.

Well it all depends on the frame you have. My frame is not meant for such a setup in “any” way. The frame has just enough room for the Axle not more, nada. The problem is that you actually need a room for the non-turn washers (see picture one, or check this video) and finally you need some space left to tense the chain enough. And That is the problem. In my case the chain was either short so the Axle won’t stay in the right place, or it was longer as you can see on the next picture.

I hoped the tension is enough but it wasn’t. The chain fall off. The worst. when the chain fall off it opens the plastic “safety switch” (cassette joint) so the shifter just falls apart. If this happen when you drive the hill or in the very street you are f…. up. So be aware this is something you have to keep in mind if you think of the Nexus. I would consider this part as one of the weekest part of the whole Nexus set.

So far so good. Knowing the chain can’t stay like that I went to find the chain tensioner. Because it is not common to use the inner hubs in this suburb there were no shops with tensioners ..at least not around me when the chain fall. But luckily I found an incredible shop I did not known yet where they have dozen of such things. I bought Raptor SS. Which turn out to be the best choice anyway. It is good mainly because the common way how to mount tensioners is to let them tension the chain from outside inside, so the chain surrounds the maximum of the sprocket. But. In my case this is not possible. As you can see, the shifting part lays right where the tensioner would normally go. The raptor together with the frame mounting holes serves to my purpose just well. The chain has to be tensioned the other way, from inside out and the Raptor when mounted on my frame actually tensions the chain that way. There are also spring based tensioners, but I’m not sure if they are good. Some people say they are better, because you do not have to relocate the tensioner when it is wear out, but on the other hand they do not recommend spring tensioner when you have free-wheel. I think tht is mainly because if you pedal back fast the tensioner might stuck in some point the chain eases up and might fall off.

The result is not that elegant as I would like to be, but the chain stays where it supposed to stay and it wasn’t even expensive. Even more, now I can test any setup, any crankset I like and have the chain tensioned the way as it should be. Plus, the shifting nexus part does not suffer from the possible chain hits.

Don’t wary, there is a minus as well.

When you install the tensioner then you miss out the space for the right non-turn washer :/ I hope the left non…. will suffice. It has to.
And here it is, the second problematic part of the Nexus mounting is here. If your chainstay lenght is not accurate so the chain needs the chain tensioner you might not mount the Nexus properly. According the manual at least.

The bike rides well and I’m happy I did that change..will see if this setup will serve that well as the original STX counterpart.

If you have anything to say to this problem, any of your experience, anything that will improve my way of Nexus mounting, go ahead and write something.


Wednesday, June 27, 2012
Truhlárna, Rokycanova 33, Prague
info link 


Julie Klimentová
Tereza Lenerová Hradílková
Zdenka Brungot Sviteková

Jana Kneschke
Michal Zbořil


ArthuurTuesday 26th June

Arthuur spend the days in Divus gallery in Prague.
– 2pm till 6pm creating the whole exhibition especially for Divus gallery
8pm dance-music-visual concert
– 9.30pm concert of bands Chodská junta and Kyklos Galaktikos.


graphic designers: Deimion van der Sloot & Hidde Meulenbeek
dance: Kateřina Dietzová & Manuela Tessi
music: George Cremaschi, Petr Vrba, 2046, Michal Zbořil

Arthuur is a dance-music-visual meeting in improvisation, where the instant happening on the stage materializes on three levels – by sound, movement and drawn line.
Facebook event

Setkame se v Truhlárně #1

If you like borderless dance and same type of music our next Dance-audio improvisation might be of interest for ya.
Couple dancers (Tereza Lenerová Hradílková, Martina Hajdyla Lacová, Zdenka Brungot Sviteková) will improvise on our (George Cremaschi, 2046, Matthew Ostrowski) audio waves, highlighted by Tomáš Morávek.

5.5.2012 Rokycanova 33, Prague ..about 8PM.


This is good to be shared.
Crunchbang is a nice “little” definitely light linux distro that might be the right choice for anyone who needs a system for small laptops. .. Though you can you install it on your workstation as well…. but this time the important message of this post is that it runs super smooth on my “old”Asus eee T91. The installation just went fine, no problem what so ever. It installed everything including the Apache server (you can skip this installation if you like), it automatically set up the touch screen, sound, wifi everything. The whole system eats just about 5%CPU, a absolute minimum of RAM like 60MB or even less.

Anyway, what is important is that thanks to this Linux my unused old eee is live again, and ready for my upcoming long travel. Cheep light computer with about 6 hours of battery life, no antivirus necessary (indeed) all the apps free as well… this guy can even run on AAA batteries :) if you are brave enough. btw. if you have piece of hacker in you and sit somewhere surrounded by closed wifi spots the Atheros wifi card is the key. :)

Dentforum.cz – online

As you can see, my recent work is not as much about art as about webdesign. It has some practical background :)

This time I made a blog presentation for Czech Dental Chamber. In order to step out of the regular method how to inform people about the topic, they decided go forward.

For that matter we made a blog, where doctors them selves will flexibly inform about the common dental problems and also about the most recent findings.
Dentforum.cz made by 2046

Kuraz.cz – new website

Kuraz.cz has new website. Webdesign by 2046.cz

Artycok.TV – a small make up

Artycok.TV went through small make up. The Index redesign is a result of the internal changes. Artycok will now focus more on chosen topics and not that much on the daily reports, though they will be a inevitable part of the content still. The portal also has a small mini change that assures users that they are on the video portal and not on a blog or who knows what. :)

redesign – prahounakole.cz

Here it is. A new face-lift of the progressive bike group of the Auto-mat non-profit organization. Prahounakole.cz wears new bright and shiny book like design. Such a design was always my dreams. The website is so called responsive so you it is easily approachable on any screen, no matter the size or the device.


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