2046’s loop widget

I use the WordPress a lot. I do lot of coding, but this time I though what if I help my self with a little widget that will do the job for me. So I wrote the 2046’s loop widget. This widget covers the most used loops I build on all the sites I made. All the boring work I write always and again is turned in to a clickable interface. The widget went through couple weeks of development and couple website are based on it already :) I think the widget in it’s current state can be considered as stable and powerful enough to help you all to build your own website with ease and unexpected flexibility.

You can download it right from the WordPress repository or read more info on it’s page.

If you need some step by step intro, check this out:


The best plugin that ever happend to Wordpess

Did you ever thought of the WordPress as of the CMS system. I doubt you didn’t. But when you start to actually use it as CMS then you realized you need this plugin, for custom fields, that plugin for custom types. Some of them support this some of them that but not many can export the settings so you can easily use them on other clients sites. You might even dreamed of the “many to many” relation ship among post, pages and all your custom post types.

CCTM is the best CMS WordPress plugin I have found through my practice. It is a complex solution that really covers all the basic needs you have for CMS system.

Migrating dates from “ec3 event calendar” into the “custom fields”

Oki, I think it is the right time to share some knowledge with you under the Aggressive Copyright indeed ;) .. in the time of SOPA, ACTA, TPP nothing you should worry about :D

We have used the ec3 event calendar for ages. It was a grate plugin that saved our asses when the WP was on the beginning and we too.
As the time goes the plugin has been abandoned and it triggers over too much errors in the no WP version and will in the future indeed.

The time comes and so I heave decided to abandon this plugin in one of our website too.
The plugin it self has many features as ical feed, calendar etc. we do not need. What we need is just two dates representing the beginning of the gig and the end of the gig.
We do not need time! So the code bellow strip the time off and uses the date only, though if you look at the code closely you find the way how to copy the raw date from the ec3 plugin in to the custom fields.

Custom fields?
What is it and how can I make it? These are nice pieces of data you can add to post or page or in taxonomy if you like. By default there is not really user friendly box where you can add them your self, but what I recommend you is to use nice plugin More fields (it triggers some errors when the WP_DEBUG is on, nothing crucial but still) or the new CCTM super complex CMS plugin (You might find it bit overwhelming, it is fairly complex)

// example how to get only selected row for particular post id
//$myrows = $wpdb->get_results("SELECT * FROM wp_ec3_schedule WHERE post_id = 7693", ARRAY_N);

// get all the data from the ec3 event calendar
$myrows = $wpdb->get_results("SELECT * FROM wp_ec3_schedule", ARRAY_N);

foreach ($myrows as $rows){
// get the dates only
$start_raw = explode( ' ', $rows[2]);
$end_raw = explode( ' ', $rows[3]);
// strip off the time that I do not want to use. The result is only the date: 2012-01-01
// if you like to use the whole thing 2012-01-01 10:00:00 use the ..raw variables
$start = $start_raw[0] ;
$end = $end_raw[0];
$the_post_id = $rows[1];
// print it all out in to the page, as a feedback
echo $start .' - '.$end.', '.$the_post_id.'<br />';

// update start dates
$wpdb->query( $wpdb->prepare(
INSERT INTO $wpdb->postmeta
( post_id, meta_key, meta_value )
VALUES ( %d, %s, %s )
'event_start', // << your custom field name
) );
// update end dates
$wpdb->query( $wpdb->prepare(
INSERT INTO $wpdb->postmeta
( post_id, meta_key, meta_value )
VALUES ( %d, %s, %s )
'event_end', // << your custom field name
) );

This really piss me off

The Magaupload is taken down. The were “charged with five counts of copyright infringement and conspiracy“.
From my point of view what they done is they give us a technology for sharing large files. The way how we us it is up to us, and all the responsibility lays on our shoulders.

To sue Megaupload is like sue Nobel for the Dynamite invention and the way people use it!

Why they do not charge Google? They do the same, offer similar technology (Youtube, …), in a way more powerful then Megaupload and such.
They store the “whole” world of the Internet, our knowledge with all rights applied to it, all the knowledge they have no rights over and nobody complains.

The basic problem is that the Virtual world Internet offers absolutely different kind of existence then ever existed,
yet The system tries to apply the same rules for it as for the precedent objects.

Let’s make a unity, non-profit where people will pay a fee, the company will buy all the CD’s what ever stuff, that all the people in this non-profit comp. can use.
Fuck the system. Lets show our selves, the truth. Internet is not Earth!

dawson.cz – redesigned

Facebook already knows..The dawson.cz has new face lift. Made (redesigned) by 2046.cz

Parallels app. updated

Hello all of you who are interested in these DIY home made motion tracking, audio things. Here is a screenshot of the actual rewritten MTA (Motion Tracking Audio) app.
What it does, it Tracks either white or red so called “blobs” (color spots), It has some sliders which helps you (me) to setup the camera MT settings and also we can choose from volume shapes, select sound patterns and choose if we like to track 1 or 2 blobs, or 2 blobs but in this case instead playing 2 sounds at once it actually plays “one’ but it changes the tone, or the sample from the chosen bank, depends on the blobs distance :)

Well if it all sound virtual to you, well it is virtual, unless you have it on your comp and can play with it :)

Btw. it is written in the Python, and OpenCV, right I almost forgot the PyGame and bunch of other libraries.

Parallels 01

This is going to be a huge shit in my life. After a year of pole dance study and hours of programming the Parallels is here.

What is parallels?

Think of the pole dance (example here) and a motion tracking application (see screenshot)… then add a bit of Theremin like play. You got it? No? Then show up in Gallery Skolska 28 this year on 15th December and you’ll see and hear something you never expected to happen.

WordPress & other CMS showcase – (czech video)

Those ho think of the CMS system for their project might be interested to see a quick overview of say 5 most used CMS systems so they can choose the right one.
This showcase was done in Drupal session in Prague HUB where we introduced our systems “we” use.


If you like to know some basics about WordPress go ahead and check this video http://vimeo.com/groups/drupalprague/videos/31251285
btw all is in Czech :)

events.artycok.tv – online

I’m proud to announce our new portal for all people who want to promote their Art work, the http://events.artycok.tv.
As the Artycok.TV gets it popularity we were ask many times if there isn’t a way how people could promote their upcoming work on Artycok.TV.
So we went through a through this problem and decided to make an open space that will be tightly connected with the content on Artycok.TV. So that user watching a video records from the venue can see on a side invitations on current and upcoming exhibitions from the same place and also the other way, those who are checking the upcoming events can see a records from that space so they might get the feling what is the space about and so on and so forth… enjoy.

evajiricka.com – online

This was grate collaboration. She came and have an exact idea how it supposed to look like, which speed up the whole process a lot. If you look at the website nowadays, there are only few projects published. But don’t wary, she has plenty as draft and if you check her website bit later I’m sure you’ll be surprised how many works she has.

Simple informative presentation.



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