My friend Markéta Cilečková made a Surround installation within she let us (and others) perform our gigs.
This time will ne I have a special setup. 2046 will dance and produce sound dancing sort of Pole Dance a nd Erik will care of the sound base and all the rest.

14/06/2011, 20:00,, Štefánikova 95/24, (Brno)

Funny game

The game is funny once understood.

#4 – #5

Next ne I concert will happen in:

Underground space (Křižíkova 45, Prague – Karlín)

fifth dance-musical improvisation where we all meet. Musicians, Dancers & you.
Main actors:
Milli Janatková
George Cremaschi
Jan 2046
Erik Sikora
Zuzana Sýkorová
Tereza Lenerová
Veronika Kaciánová
Kateřina Dietzová
Kuba Doležal
Martin Kopřiva
Jan Jirucha
Vlado Mikláš
René Vitvar is ready to sell you some puppets

Bunch of the Czech puppet makers were tired of the high prices for what they were sold, so they let me make a simple e-shop for them. Just a simple thing done for it’s purpose nothing more. Enjoy

Saloun a classical building with pure website

Here is another web I made. This one is “super simple” and I’ like it a lot;)



Fucking fly flew in to my eye
I stopped for a while and rest.

Utesla new website

Hello to everyone who went through the AC restriction. This not super hot news but it’s a news at least.
Utesla is another growing project to whom I made a web.

Car housing

Cars are getting on size day by day.
their advantage is not that they are smart,
that they can talk to you,
but their natural character that they can move.

With those things all together and the simple fact that our planet
will be overheated pretty soon, we will be “forced” to live closed
in our car houses living within wireless communication.
They will shift us slowly from place to place depending on what side the earth
will be cool enough and have a friendly weather to keep our oncoming expenses low.

Is that the answer?

Maybe it’s good to work on other projects along our own.
If you do so, then for some reason you’ll see things and do things
you are not willing to do on your own project, but are not less important.

Then it depends if you not only see these reflexions
but if you are able to apply them back.

I think I see them, but I’m willing to do nothing about it, for now.

I mean it’s easy to point on colleagues spot on shirt and let him clean it
then clean your own.

Necessary Implosion

The inner my self experiences such implosion
That is near to absolute void.
This state is getting near to the “first’ universal emptiness.

I’m afraid if something happen we will have here a personal Big boom.

Although if a single solid atom of something will persists in there,
you do not have to wary.


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