Yep, that's me, 2046,
   and I
do webdesign

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    Artycok.TV is a video-portal covering wide European art scene.
    This video portal streams to thousands users and it serves thousands and thousands pages on daily basis.
    Artycok.TV is my favorite project I'm still developing further and beyond.
  • - webdesign

    Adolf Lachman's an insanely active artist to whom I made his personal portfolio.
    Portfolios cover images, videos, text, anything you can imagine.
    It can have simple or complex face and structure, depends on you.
  • - webdesign is a website of a well respected architectural studio.
    Pure concept, pure demeanor in a clean outfit. These are some of the most honored characters we admire
    and I pleasurably materialize it in the web presentations.
  • - webdesign

    JHV is a solid company with over 10 year long history and many references.
    This kind of presentation has to be stable, reliable and has to follow common user habits.
Why do people ask me to create their website?
   They want it clean and light.
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Website is not just fun. You need to put your data somewhere where-from the Internet user can reach them,
set up emails and so on. But it's all too difficult.

Why should you care?
Just put it on my shoulders.

Most of my clients set up once some either expensive or insufficient hosting or they have none.
It's hard to choose the right hosting with willing support who knows your case from the bottom up.
And here it's me, someone who made your website, set up all you needed.
Set up your emails, make your updates, repair what you have broken, just knows everything.

Why should you bother with so many things when you are busy already.
I'll do it all for you.
In other words "I'll host your website if you like".