Support & Monkey On The Orb

After small brainstorm we have decided to make T-shirts and sell them with small reward which will be used for each of our projects. either Monkey On The Orb radio or

For those who now nothing what these projects are:
Monkey On The orb is a independent alternative Internet radio presenting otherwise unrepresentable music. is non-commercial Internet TV monitoring the art scene in central Europe.

If you like to support us or just like the T-shirts you can buy them on-line on Fler (1, 2), Private Cult, or simply contact me or anyone from or Monkey … ;) and we will be happy to send it to you anywhere you live. If you need special size, like XXXXXYZYL just ask, will make it for ya….btw If you happen to be on TMP (bellow) you can buy them there as well.