Ubuntu wizard

Ubuntu wizard I can’t help my self not to write here my new experience with Ubuntu.
My friend has function less hard disk in her laptop, so she went to the service and they told her that the disk is broken and if she want her data back it will cost her about 500$ :D, kinda expensive fun huh?
Because I have some experience with data restoration I offered her my help. She sends my her disk and after I received it I hook up the disk into my Laptop. Because her original system with her data was Windows I booted into Windows. The disk was somehow mounted but not recognized by the Windows system. Then I have tried data restoration softwares like, Stellar Phoenics, Norton Utilities, Virtual lab, Get data back and other similar programs for such cases. Only Stellar Phoenics saw the disk but shows my an message with serious error. :O Hmm, after two days work I decided to boot back in to my Ubuntu installation and try what happen, just out of curiosity. I logged in and I couldn’t believe to my eyes. I saw the disk and I could read the content of it.
I simply don’t understand why Windows has problems with the disk mounting and Backup advanced programs couldn’t read any data from it and I don’t understand why Ubuntu has no problem at all. If you have any idea why, let my know. Thanks to Linux-Ubuntu developers my friend has data back almost for free :)