lack of resistence

I couldn’t resist and went for one of the Moog family synthesizer photo2 If you wander where are knobs, then believe they are on the other side form the player view, or at least from my point of view because I play as left handed or not in classical way what ever way is classic or common to play on something you even do not touch when you play. Here is another picture framing also other necessary :) equipment of mine.

photo1Speaking of sound and how the beast behave compare the “old” one I’m used to play. Well the old one is not that sensitive which is it’s plus in a way, because I could have all the boxes on the top of Theremin and easily play with them all in one time. With this new Theremin, it’s bit hard, they have to be bit further otherwise this Theremin won’t play is it can. One think I do not like on the new one is the wide range for volume. I have to find some hack for it ;) Otherwise it’s beautiful the sound is really pleasant. After few minutes of play I cannot say more. I think I’ll hack it all around. The knobs on the other side and the electric stuff close to my lap is not say perfect.
Plus it’s a plus version, so I’m sure that when I use it with vocoder together it’ll be magic.