Electric sheep

electric sheep - exhibition in Gallery of Academy of fine arts PragueWhat electric sheeps dreams about nowadays?
What do computers dream about?
Where is the electric sheep dug in? Who may we call in this way?
How much vegetables consumes the sheep? Can ants live in a gallery? These questions & more are be answered at the Electric Sheep exhibition.

March 05 2007 (untill March 09) 6PM gallery AVU (Prague)

openning kick-off: Ondřej Neff
concert of: NewMedia orchestra

Erik Síkora, Viktor Takáč, Klára Jirková, Pavel Sterec, Martin Boyer, Josef Bareš, Jan Vidlička, Gabriela Jurkovičová, o—-o, Štěpán Kleník, Ondřej Švadlena

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