ne I – big moment. The key collection SOFT & TENDER is out!

What a pleasure to have a chance to introduce you our latest and greatest audio and video selection.

For more then a year we have done many recordings both audio and video which we collect mainly on ne I primary page and it’s vimeo page.
We know that it is for common listener almost unbearable listen or watch all together, and so we have decided to make a selection of the most significant recording of all and release it in a compact form.

We gave it a name SOFT & TENDER this significant name and the package gives you grate outline who we are and what we want to do to you as a listener.

You might ask for a simple explanation. Here you are.
ne I want’s to achieve the utmost peculiarity in all it does. We love to brake all presumptions anybody can have. The AKA childish attitude is a key point in our work and so the result is utterly odd.”

And finally, you can listen bit by bit or download the whole album from ne I page or from all for free naturally.
Or, you can buy it right from