Leisure time

People today.
People today especially young people who understands to current technological stroke spend most of their time
on computer. That doesn’t mean they put their legs over the monitor and stretch their spine as like on blossomy field.
No, they put one leg over the other, woman, men all of them,
and watch the screen as like if it is a TV monitor ..no, my friends, computer screen is not TV monitor! You can click on it
with mouse buttons.
Right, I’m not crazy. You can click on mice. Mice is not that screeching cute animal you know from fairy tales, it’s a piece of hardware they call it.
It has a wire and a red light-sometimes blue bouncing over the table desk back and forth.
What more funny is, is that once you touch the mice, the so called cursor moves on the computer screen. It’s like if you punch your dog
and the neighbors cat miaows.
..no wonder they spend most of their time to watch the computer screen.

First story taken out of my home work writings.