Your friends just like this banana

It won’t be more than one year and the first Facebook like shelf will be placed in the San Francisco Trady Joe’s. Anybody with his/her Facebook ID card enhanced by passive RFID chip will be able to “like” a banana to leave a mark for his/her friends so they will know where to buy tasty bananas and let the store be better advertised on the web3-Interweb (Facebook).
Who will pay for it? ..Stores.
They are eager to be on and IN.
If the Google is running out of ideas now, trying to keep pace with its counterpart, using the Facebook ideas for their ranking system, the shops will just happily follow.
Why should you chat with your friends about such a common thing as food quality, when you can directly see if people consider the food tasty right in the shelf.
There was a time when people where upset to pick up the phone.
There was a time when you looked angry at the weirdo with a box close to his head, speaking in the bus, sharing his family problems with all the passengers.
There was a time when we awarded open cards, passports and bankcards with Big Brother Awards.
There was a time when we tried not signing in Gmail
and in a split second we signed to Facebook.
There was a time we used to care about privacy.

“I just Like this banana.”