cyklojizda prahaCyklojizdy are Czech branch of worldwide movement Critical Mass where people want to show their disapproval with global car trend. Cities are crowded by cars and the air is unbreathable not speaking about consequences such as global warming.
Like a everyday biker I see only cars on me way, there are just a few bikers most of them are messengers though. People don’t ride bike because is “danger” and because they don’t want to breathe this dirty air, they rather take their car because it’s “safe” and they don’t have to breathe the scum. This easy consideration turn aside the fact that they are the actual scum producer and they will not help that way the situation whatsoever.

Help us clean the city out of unnecessary dirt produced and join the graceful ride on 22 September.
Starting position is on Staromestke namesti at 3PM.

For those who live in Prague and understand Czech language here is a call-up.You can help with your vote and hopefully improve the situation.