ubuntu studio

ubuntu studioMichal Pustejovsky showed me an ubuntu brach UBUNTU STUDIO I never heard of, full of multimedia tools. As an “artist”what ever I ‘m who is interested in and work with sound, video, etc. I was curious how far I can go with the linux and if I’ll be able to get rid of the Windows and Mac os( I know again ;) ). I’m not going to write here list of all software it has if you like to know more you can always check the Ubuntu studio homesite.
Looking for the right source of download-able installation I found out that most of the links are dead or work-less at this time. I think it’s a pretty well done linux with bunch of useful programs for media artists & it’ll be pity if you guys end up on 404 error page. If you’ll end up there come back here and download the Studio from this link (ubuntustudio-7.04-alternate-i386.iso). It lies on pretty stable and fast server. Don’t worry I’ll keep it there for reasonable time.

update:..new ubuntu studio version is up, check it out here. ..I’m curious if it solves problems with parallel sounds ;) btw my attempt of update from 7.04 wasn’t really successful. It deleted all important thing such as jack(audio) and so on…and mes up the hard drive. Better reinstall it from scratch.