Parallels app. updated

Hello all of you who are interested in these DIY home made motion tracking, audio things. Here is a screenshot of the actual rewritten MTA (Motion Tracking Audio) app.
What it does, it Tracks either white or red so called “blobs” (color spots), It has some sliders which helps you (me) to setup the camera MT settings and also we can choose from volume shapes, select sound patterns and choose if we like to track 1 or 2 blobs, or 2 blobs but in this case instead playing 2 sounds at once it actually plays “one’ but it changes the tone, or the sample from the chosen bank, depends on the blobs distance :)

Well if it all sound virtual to you, well it is virtual, unless you have it on your comp and can play with it :)

Btw. it is written in the Python, and OpenCV, right I almost forgot the PyGame and bunch of other libraries.