This really piss me off

The Magaupload is taken down. The were “charged with five counts of copyright infringement and conspiracy“.
From my point of view what they done is they give us a technology for sharing large files. The way how we us it is up to us, and all the responsibility lays on our shoulders.

To sue Megaupload is like sue Nobel for the Dynamite invention and the way people use it!

Why they do not charge Google? They do the same, offer similar technology (Youtube, …), in a way more powerful then Megaupload and such.
They store the “whole” world of the Internet, our knowledge with all rights applied to it, all the knowledge they have no rights over and nobody complains.

The basic problem is that the Virtual world Internet offers absolutely different kind of existence then ever existed,
yet The system tries to apply the same rules for it as for the precedent objects.

Let’s make a unity, non-profit where people will pay a fee, the company will buy all the CD’s what ever stuff, that all the people in this non-profit comp. can use.
Fuck the system. Lets show our selves, the truth. Internet is not Earth!