“soldiers all over”

soldiers all overHello my Friends,

All my personal life is changing these last days. Temperature of my blood is rising up again thanks to many of my close friends and the happening in the everyday life of our common “users” has some impact on it as well.
So here we are standing face to face our future, reflecting in the behavior of our recent or future generation. Even though I do not believe it’ll be better, I feel, I have to make my opinion visible hopping it postpone the unavoidable end of human and all other being as we understand it now, or at least I do.
I’m glad we are pushing problems aside sitting on sofa eating popcorn and learning how to use machine guns.

If you’ll get bored by the Xmas shopping and happened to be close to Vinohradsky pavilon(Vinohradska 50, Praha 2, Czech republik), then maybe my exhibition wake you up. The exhibition running from 26. September till 2. November this year 2007, The opening starts at 6PM.

If you are one of those who rather stay home checking the waves of their wifi-microwave then Check at least this out: