This is good to be shared.
Crunchbang is a nice “little” definitely light linux distro that might be the right choice for anyone who needs a system for small laptops. .. Though you can you install it on your workstation as well…. but this time the important message of this post is that it runs super smooth on my “old”Asus eee T91. The installation just went fine, no problem what so ever. It installed everything including the Apache server (you can skip this installation if you like), it automatically set up the touch screen, sound, wifi everything. The whole system eats just about 5%CPU, a absolute minimum of RAM like 60MB or even less.

Anyway, what is important is that thanks to this Linux my unused old eee is live again, and ready for my upcoming long travel. Cheep light computer with about 6 hours of battery life, no antivirus necessary (indeed) all the apps free as well… this guy can even run on AAA batteries :) if you are brave enough. btw. if you have piece of hacker in you and sit somewhere surrounded by closed wifi spots the Atheros wifi card is the key. :)