Juliet – psycho bike

The bike was fucking stolen!

If you see it let me know, I’ll be generous.

Couple months ago I have started to make a bike for Julie.

The intention was to make something unique, something that will cause no problems ..no chain can ever fall off the cassette. The sitting position has to be comfy as well as handle bars has to fit not causing any instability and so on and so … I did this

Bit by bit..day by day
The frame is old Alpine racing frame, rims are nice high Julians and the saddle Juliet :)
It looks like one speed but it isn’t. It is again equiped by nice  Shimano Nexus inner hub, I just love my own and this has to have the same indeed. This kinda hub just awesome. All the Derailleurs are .. I don’t know..they are lighter for sure but you always have to think when you can change the speed. This is much faster, you can change the speed anytime, no matter if you drive or not and what speed. You can go from top to bottom without losing the drift.

OKi enough about the hub.. the rubbers are nice though we wanted much fatter, but the frame cannot handle big rubbers so we were”forced to” change the plan. The bike is faster now but on bad ways the drive is not that smooth ;) On the flat roads it’s a devil.
I love the stem, I got it almost for free, but it fits so nicely.. I played bit with colors, so the bike matches our sketches.

At the end I must say it is in much better condition then I though it will be. The ride is somehow smooth and plesant. I think the frame does its job well and the handle bars too.