Installing apps under 18 forbidden!

Does it sound stupid?

What about this familiar story.
..hey a bought new computer but I don’t know where to get all the office programs and even worst, If I have then I do not know how to install them… Don’t vary just give it to your kiddy it know everything about computers…
And so it happened.

The kid took what ever software it knows for that matter – say it was all legal material, and went through countless installations of this or that program for what ever daily use.

The kiddo agreed with all the necessary agreements and went on…

But, can an underage really agree with such a terms legally?
Isn’t it like that parents are responsible for their adults?
Nobody of us without the skilled layer is able to fully understand all that rights and wrongs. How the teenage can?
Can we just throw all the responsibility on the shoulders of the child, because it knows where to click during the installation process?
Isn’t our responsibility keep our children out of such a struggles?
Isn’t our responsibility not to let them undergo unnecessary risks?
They are not mature for these decisions, as like they are not mature enough for alcohol and cigarettes, or are they?

And so I say.
Installing apps under 18 forbidden!

Keep your spine straight to these matters. Don’t make hypocritical exceptions. The rules are rules! We made them.