DIY patch box for Theremin and Slim Phatty

Welcome sound geek,
So you wanna know what is this all about….? It’s is simple.
It’s about making dreams comes true. I always wanted a something that lets me make a boundless sounds. Something that lets me create a sound I want to build. So first I bought Theremin years ago.. a super grate one voice instrument. A grate basement for any kind of sound tweaking. The simpler the inputs the more understanding is the process.
Well the source is not enough. I needed a sound builder, a tone bender, creator total sound controller. And then I found Slim Phatty. An ultimate synthesizer. This synth is controllable via CV inputs those inputs a I have on my Theremin soo awesome!

Then I found out.. I need a patch box! A external easy reachable ligh-weight input output divider.. and I made this

What it does?
Well it works as a simple switch. It lets me re-patch (connect) CV Theremin output form Pitch to SP-filter or to SP-Pitch or to SP-volume if I like.. or gate.. what ever. I can use all the Theremin outputs and control the Slim Phatty the way I want.

The result can be something like this..

Doesn’t sound interesting to you? Well it is just a first test. Wait a while and you won’t believe what a we can synthesize.