Vox 40++

Dirty VOX

The VOX 40+ is grate plus, the only problem is that the knobs where on the bad place. If you want to hear the music, especially high tones and be able to tune up the sound at the same time, that was not easy. You either hear the sound and cannot reach the knobs, or you reach the knobs but can’t hear the sound as you might like ;(
The only way is to separate the amplifier from the box, which I did ;)

I kinda made a shelf for the amplifier. So I can have it within the box as usual, and also can take it out if I need so :)

Warning! The output cables should not touch the metal sheet of the electronics! You have to use the plastic “Jack” output and not the cheaper version with the exposed ground.
If the output touches the frame (ground) you’ll burn up the Amplifier! Which I did btw ;} It took more then month till they fix it for me.