Theremin – find 5 differences

Here is a new update.
My say style of playing is bit different than of others. I play more like I believe Pamelia Kurstin plays the bass parts, and also I play the pitch with left hand, though I’m right handed. I did not care about the knows that much as might seams like. I was able to tune the right knobs not seeing them although there where on the opposite side, as the Theremin is flipped the other way around.
I like to have the Theremin low.. sound :) and its position too. So I thought what if I just turn it on a side. how that will be?
And it is perfect :)

Small retuning solves the pitch shift that understandably pops up, because the cables are now closer to the pitch Athena and all the electronics too. Apart of that everything works just grate, The way of playing is much more comfy for me, though I might move it even more down than I have it now. The tuning is superb, as far as I can say,,. but most importantly the volume has the right sensitivity for the quick bass punches.

The photo is taken from the other side than I play. All the cables points either down, or the other way than I stay, which is cool.