bikebreak records

bikeHello my friend. It has been couple days after the live performance on ADD soundsystem already. I’m sitting here listening to what we have done, ..frankly I didn’t know exactly what we’ve done. You know all the people around and the noise, being totally wrapped up in to my own part of the show. …For those who don’t know what is going on here is a little description.

I 2046 & erixikora we where hocked up into the Radim’s sound-toy-machine (ADD soundsystem) on one of the Radim’s sessions we where invited on.  I played on my audible bike with contact microphones and erik mixed my sounds and played with sound compositions. Then all that stuff run thru the ADD toy where people could send the sounds into separate outputs (speakers) all around the room so we got pretty crazy surround buzz.

Here you can listen to what we have done .