Let’s begin – Interactive Media Design and Prototyping 400 UNI

The course is about two things, Interactivity and prototype.

The interactivity

The interactivity can be simple as the law of action and reaction describes it. If you hit something it’ll move. That is also an interaction.
Though the Interaction we are talking about here is more of the conscious relationship. A process that is thought out beforehand. A process which serves to particular aim.

Like the traffic lights, we discussed in class. Although “nobody” touches traffic lights there are absolutely interactive, or they purpose lays in the interactivity. It gives us a message that we obey or not.
The way how this message is conveyed completely artificial. It was invented in 1912 in France (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Traffic_light). The logic behind it that we so naturally understand nowadays, .. as our parents and others were beating the information in to our head since early age .. this color logic that we are so used to nowadays extends dramatically to everyday life. All green is good, fresh, nice, and red is warning, leads us to stop, rethink. and so on.
The light were chosen smartly. The theory behind the color rules is super interesting, Color has its temperature. It reminds us the real objects we know from real world so on and on and on.. If they had not been thinking of the color aspect while they were inventing the traffic lights, they might end up with blue lights or such which are actually badly visible, or invisible in certain circumstances, or they cold decide for a shape instead of color.. which might not work in longer distances…

And so the Interactivity or the better told understandable or followable interactivity is based on common knowledge, the experience we have. Our ability to interact with something is not based on some esoteric values, but rather on our experience we personally, or socially got through our life.

Luckily most of us share same or similar experience- we can call it a “cultural experience” and that us something we can build upon.
What makes it interesting and stand out is your own bit different experience, which in ideal case aligns well with the experience of others and then you end up making something people likes.
In other words, if your personal – creative vibration runs on the same frequency as others have and they might not know about it yet, you create a spike in the current become a star or the work is well received.


The prototype serves basically to mainly one purpose, that is to transform an idea in to a working example.
Working might not be the right term as the prototype might be functionless. The prototype has to basically prove the concept to be right.
Though there is another purpose of such thing and that is to “materialize” you idea for others to understand.
And that is something that we will build. We will build a prototype of our idea in to something that might not be completely functioning, but will be able to prove your concept to be right or will serve as an tool that helps other to understand the idea.


Here is a list some interactive examples.

https://o—-o.info/parallels/ – Body as an sound instrument
https://o—-o.info/e_s-environment-sound/ – Spacial 3D sound instrument
https://o—-o.info/game/ – Rabbits unknowingly playing someone else’s game.
https://o—-o.info/interactive/motiontracking-pm – hand motion tracking
http://fx.muteme.cz/web/candy/index.htm – minimalistic visual sound interface
Or the center of interactive art in Linz http://www.aec.at/center/en/ausstellungen/artists-creators-engineers/
German based creative team Pong.li http://pong.li/projekte-3/kunst-und-kultur/
S.M.T.H – a lovely phone game http://www.carrotpop.com/Carrot_Pop/smth.html
creative synths – http://www.synthtopia.com/content/tag/midi-controllers/
UI bits & dots in examples – http://codepen.io/2046/pens/loved/
or million others interactive works https://cz.pinterest.com/explore/interactive-art/

or check out http://makezine.com/projects/ for ideas or kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/ if the art is too arty for you.

Not enough? Check this deaf musician how she approaches her “inability”  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6OQRSFCptw