Creative Commons conference & anti-copyright

Digilab presents a conference focused on licences, namely Creative Commons license and copy-left. Conference will cover themes such as Czech & Slovak license legislation, show some advantages and disadvantages on practical examples, even people from  Wikipedia core will come and finally will have a chance to see and hear the point of view of Slovak fellow.

4/11/2008 BIOKO

17:00 / Lukáš Gruber: Creative Commons & Czech legislation
17:30 / Dušan Barok: Creative Commons in Slovak republick
18:00 / Jan Mucska: Creative Commons from practical view
18:30 / Josef Aujezdský: Law aspects of Open Source Licences
19:00 / Petr Kadlec: Licence not only on Wikipedia
19:30 / Adam Hazdra: Free Culture
20:00 / Pajkus: anti-copyright