Little fella – a story that never reached its addressee

There is a little, but really little, small tiny, minisucle bug.
A little buggy.
That small, that people did not even had a chance to like it as they have no idea it exists.
This little fella lived beautiful life.
It could live such a gorgeous life if …
If it did not feel bit lonely and started to think.
It hurts at first. A lot!
The brain experienced kind of unspecified and tiring process.
All went kinda slow but it also looked promising,
there was something on the way.
He tried to push, even sat, like on toilet,
trying to find the right position to get it out.
The more he pushed the less it worked.
The energy did not know which way to go.
So he stood up and looked straight in-front of him self.
He looked to his future.
And there it was.
First small, even mini-pidi-scule.
You can imagine how little it was while the little fella was minisule him self.
But it was beautiful.
It looked almost like him, but somehow more interesting, sexy people would say.
The only problem was that it was still mini-pidi-scule and he could not see it clear.
He started to think again.
He sat, but knowing already that it would not help he stood back up and looked to the distant future,
but still, the size was as it was, not better even a bit.
He lied down on his back, tired, breathing aloud,
after while he turn around on his fourth stretching like a dog.
Going on his back, and stretch, and back on his spine and stretch and many times the same.
“It’s like a Yoga” he told to him self and kept stretching.
The stretching help him to forget.
Maybe the future is actually empty like a breath.
But he was also aware of his previous experience and he wanted to know what was that.
He started to think again.

Wait this gets bit boring!

Well you need to get bored to get into a state of free and potential mind.
Put down your phone, turn of the asocial torrent of nonsenses that fills your time with themselves and think.
Think hard, well, think hard but free up your mind.
That on its own is hard to figure out how, not speaking of the previous goal to find out
the future, ideally somehow less lonely future.
All that work, all the brain horse power made him hungry.
He started to eat and drank in tons.
He ate bread, avocado, tofu, sushi, some sweets, some banana, drank litters of water.
That actually made him feel better, somehow content.
Stomach full of water and the future still nowhere close.
But it becomes bigger!
As he had grown up the picture started to grow as well.
‘Yeiii” he squeaked for him self aloud.
Here we are!
He rushed to the fridge and, and nothing as always,
he grabbed wallet like in manga movie with the lines around emphasizing the action,
smashed the door behind him and ran to a close store buy something tasty and juicy that helps him to grow and see his future.
And it was at that particular time when he has been seen for a first time ever.
Heaving stomach full of water and all the bananas he got decent size that made him big enough to be noticed by the corner of the small witch eye.
“What a little fella” she thought for her self.