blender conference Prague

Hello all interested in 3D virtual world. Another, this time Czech Blender conference is on the way. Under some circumstances this conference will be more of Game engine part of Blender, but fortunately not only. If you are interested more in animation stuff, consider these presentations as well, because you never know when you’ll have to animate something that could be done by the realtime simulation. For people who have just started there is also Basic lighting lecture which will be interesting even for Blender geeks and more and more, check the schedule.
The Czech Blender conference 2008 will happen on 7th October 2008 from noon to 7PM again on Academy of Fine Arts Prague.

Schedule is:

13:00 / Jan Mucska (o—-o): Game engine in the commercial field
14:00 / Peter Nespesny (Psychotron): Problematics of architecture visualisation
15:00 / Martin Schrimpel (G_Taurus): Basic lighting 2.46
16:00 / Jan Kudrnáč (XHN): Sculpt a normal map generarion
17:00 / Jan Kaláb (Pitel): Physical simulations
18:00 / Adam Preisler (Alfisko): Textures and modeling formost for games